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Iran putting missiles in range of the United States

We always knew that Iran didn’t like us very much.

When President Obama said no to the missile shield and turned off any work going into it I believe he did it because the threat was so far from our territory. A fine idea as that is one expensive system.

Well now the story has changed..

Iran has now made an agreement with Venezuela to put missiles in the range of the United States. Let’s couple that with their desire for nuclear weapons and think for a second.

President Obama? Hello? Where are you on this issue.

I know you are busy. I heard there was a dream act thing and now the democrats in the house are messing around with your tax agreement. All those things are good to do but this one could be really bad.

A country with a desire for nukes, a tendancy to get testy and in range of us? Does anyone sniff a problem here?

I would hope that some diplomatic solution exists but I’m not certain of it. I am kind of glad the job of President isn’t mine at the moment.



I’m not sure where to take this meltdown of Democrats

Sometimes I watch the Republicans and say wow they can’t all get on the same page but that is normal for any large group of people unless you are preprogrammed drones.

I used to say the Dems were just drones…That appears to be changing.

The President compromised and made a deal with the republicans on taxes and such. Now the democrats in the house are moving to stop him? Wow so much for bipartisanship and wow the meltdown. They say that gridlock in Washington is the fault of the incoming party yet they aren’t there yet.

Interesting. I’m not sure where to take it other than to say our President appears politically very weak and how does this play around the world? One thing I know is that it isn’t good.

Fairwell predictable politics!


Shared Sacrifice – Obama to put off vacation – WOW!

The President, the Vice-President and many of the politicians we see on the news talk about shared sacrifice. This article made me want to throw things at the computer screen.

Basically the President may delay his Hawaii vacation so he can deal with things in Washington. Well let me be the first to say THANK you Mr. President for noticing there was some work to do around the office.

When you spoke of shared sacrifice I wasn’t aware it meant waiting to get on your private jet and fly off to a place most Americans save money for years to go visit just once! I mean after all it has probably been two months since you took a vacation. Thanks for the sacrifice, I do hope you discover how to balance your work and social life better. Next thing you know it will be the basketball game gets pushed back 30 minutes.

WOW! We found their version of sacrifice. I need to fork over another 10% of what I make and he needs to DELAY (note not cancel but delay) his vacation. Well no wonder he thinks sacrifice isn’t that bad. His is pretty easy! I want his version and he can have mine!


Obama gets advice from Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro?

I was reading on the drudge report today that Fidel Castro sent a note to the press about how President Obama can sow up the 2012 election.

1) Nuke Iran
2) Attack North Korea

Well, I agree both Iran and North Korea must be dealt with I think this is evidence that Fidel doesn’t understand our President. I think he’ll negotiate with both contries. I hope he will at least. I don’t think nuclear weapons are the answer to Iran.

I think provoking North Korea is bad. I certainly think they should be dealt with due to the sinking of the ship. I think if they further attack the South that South Korea should be defended. But re-start the Korean war? In the middle of a recession with two other active conflicts currently going on? How thin can our military get?

Just food for thought…


Underwater Oil Leak, A Scientist Perspective

Ok, I have remained silent on the oil leak.

I do have a few things that have been on my mind about it.

As a scientist I want to point out that fixing a leak that is a mile below water is really hard. This is not an area that you can just dive to. This is specialized undersea vehicles of which there are not many. You must get one there, then get the right guy to drive, then of course make sure the right equipment is with him.

Now let’s throw in the extreme pressure seen in that environment…The extreme temperatures (pretty cold)…Now let’s throw in fast flowing jets of foreign material (oil) being thrown about. This is anything but an easy fix. This is not just something you can say ‘fix my leak and I need the pipe for the weekend’ (using a loose broken car analogy).

So what do we do? That is a good question. It is clear that it isn’t going to get fixed quickly. So let’s triage. If I were in charge I would get some folks moving on cleanup and keeping the oil away from the shore right now. Without delay. Throw lots of resources at that.

Second, get some guys fixing the leak. The right guys. Quit interviewing them, quit dragging them up to DC for questions. Just let them work…..

Not sure how I would react if I were the President. Its one of those times I’m happy to not be that guy.

One interesting bit is some of the media trying to come to his rescue saying not his fault…He couldn’t do anything. Nancy Pelosi even blamed Bush. The man has been President for a year and a half. I have to say that if Bush had been President and this happened oh good lord the backlash that I think would happen. I was no Bush supporter but this is bad. I have noticed a few guys ticked at Obama on the left. That is a start.

Now logically would I blame the President for this? No…I wouldn’t. Accidents happen and this is a really bad one. But let’s play equal opportunity if it was a republican there would be hearings, the word Haliburton would come up a lot…

Let’s leave politics out of this one though and just let BP fix their mess….

North Korea, South Korea and potential fighting

I have been watching carefully the goings on in Koren political world between the two Koreas. If the destroyer that went down two months ago really was a torpedo launched from a Submarine this leaves us with a couple of possibilities.

1) North Korean leadership ordered it. This would be very bad because it means they are getting more bold and possibly preparing for a real move toward the South. If they (or China) have figured out how to get through our minefield separating the two Koreas this would be a mess. This would be especially problematic given that a large chunk of our combat troops are busy. How do we help South Korea (which I think we are bound to do by treaty)…This would be a mess.

2) It was a rogue Captain. This would be bad as well. It means that the North has lost control of its military. It also means that the leadership is not the most radical group in the country. It means that there is a faction in the North that wants to finish the Korean war, or take on the US more than the current set of guys.

Either way I don’t see an option 3. The two options I see are with the assumption that it was a torpedo from a North Korean sub. If it really was a leftover mine from a bygone war then that is a different story. However given what is being said in the news media it appears to be a torpedo. So I don’t see an option 3. If anyone would care to leave a comment about what option 3 is I would appreciate it.

Over the next few days I am going to think about how these two options play out and post something.

For once though I think it is important for the President to do exactly what he is doing. Let Clinton handle it for a while and stay very quiet while he is, I am sure, being briefed on what is going on. This could turn out to be a very dangerous situation given the close ties of North Korea and China.

Sean Hannity lost credibility with me even though I don’t agree with President Obama

Ok I am far from a great supporter of the President. I wasn’t even a fan of the last guy in some ways. Although in others I respected him (And our current president).

But Mr. Hannity recently just rode it off the rails. Anyone of his fans who doesn’t see this bit of hypocrisy deserves whatever names they get called. I have even occasionally agreed with him but at this point I have to call him on the carpet.

Just in case let us define hypocrisy:

1 : a feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not; especially : the false assumption of an appearance of virtue or religion
2 : an act or instance of hypocrisy

What Mr. Hannity did was just beyond reproach.

I am going to paraphrase as I am sure if I try to quote it someone will say he never said exactly that…The words are different his meaning and actions the same. Remember I am not defending the President here just saying Mr. Hannity has just gone to a bad place. I think his intentions are good. He wants his side to win elections but we must be honest as he continually says.

Midway through President Obama’s first year in office Mr. Hannity slammed the President over and over for being over exposed. This was because he was doing too many prime time press conferences, too many speeches, etc. Now these comments coming from someone who has a 4 hour per day syndicated talk show on radio and a 1 hour per day TV show calling someone overexposed are a bit of a leap but Mr. Hannity and the President have different jobs so we’ll let that go.

This week President Obama held a press conference for the first time in a while, the topic of which was the oil spill in the gulf. I could dissect the Presidents statements scientifically and perhaps I will but not now. The point is that when Mr. Hannity heard about this press conference he again slams the president for not having enough press conferences.

Come on Mr. Hannity. What would make you happy? You have gone to a place that is bad. No matter what President Obama does you are going to take the opposite position. I implore you Mr Hannity to listen to your friend Mark Levin. When he slams the president it is on substance. He backs up his critical statements with facts. You sir, Mr. Hannity, just want to slam the president for anything he says. Stop it…That is not how you, or any intelligent person, should advance their agenda. Intellectual exchange, as you have said, is the best way to do it. So give your own advice a try..