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Iran putting missiles in range of the United States

We always knew that Iran didn’t like us very much.

When President Obama said no to the missile shield and turned off any work going into it I believe he did it because the threat was so far from our territory. A fine idea as that is one expensive system.

Well now the story has changed..

Iran has now made an agreement with Venezuela to put missiles in the range of the United States. Let’s couple that with their desire for nuclear weapons and think for a second.

President Obama? Hello? Where are you on this issue.

I know you are busy. I heard there was a dream act thing and now the democrats in the house are messing around with your tax agreement. All those things are good to do but this one could be really bad.

A country with a desire for nukes, a tendancy to get testy and in range of us? Does anyone sniff a problem here?

I would hope that some diplomatic solution exists but I’m not certain of it. I am kind of glad the job of President isn’t mine at the moment.



I’m not sure where to take this meltdown of Democrats

Sometimes I watch the Republicans and say wow they can’t all get on the same page but that is normal for any large group of people unless you are preprogrammed drones.

I used to say the Dems were just drones…That appears to be changing.

The President compromised and made a deal with the republicans on taxes and such. Now the democrats in the house are moving to stop him? Wow so much for bipartisanship and wow the meltdown. They say that gridlock in Washington is the fault of the incoming party yet they aren’t there yet.

Interesting. I’m not sure where to take it other than to say our President appears politically very weak and how does this play around the world? One thing I know is that it isn’t good.

Fairwell predictable politics!


The West Wing Season 1 Episode 6 – Mr. Willis of Ohio

I liked this Episode. It showed the back door dealings that goes on during the budget process.

The one thing I think is interesting here is that they show the amendments to get one thing you want on a bill that has nothing to do with the bill in question. Its a crap way to do things but that is politics.

I think two things should happen in the government at this level. There should be a highly restrictive amendment process. It should be a congressional rule.

There should also be a way to say that the government can’t spend more every year. I know in times of crisis you need to debt spend. I know that. But everything isn’t a crisis.

I am a firm believer in Pay-Go. If you increase spending one place…Cut it someplace else. I do it at home!

The other interesting bit to this episode to me was political families. It demonstrated one worry a real parent would have if they were in politics. That is what happens to their kids. If someone were to come after my kid I know I would be pissed. Now also I would think that if I were in daily life like this in the public eye it would be dangerous to my kids. I would want secret service agents that were 7 foot tall and 3 foot wide around my kids…

But that’s just me.


The West Wing Season 1 Episode 5 – These Crackpots These Women

I have to say I really think this episode was just all about character introduction and evolution. It seemed like filler to me in many ways. Not sure what else to say about it other than Mandy just started to not appear to fit in with the rest of the cast (could be why they cut her after season 1).

The West Wing Season 1 Episode 4 – Five Votes Down

I think this episode was particularly interesting. It shows something we all knew but displays it very well. That politicians will do anything for a personal victory. It has way less to some of them doing the right thing than it does to advancing their career and being owed political points.

I’m sure not all politicians think like this but how much legislation has been past, how much money has been spent to advance a career rather than help our country.

I for one hope that things such as Health Care wasn’t done just for these types of reasons.

It also shows something that I knew a long time ago but displays it very well. People in demanding jobs really do give up much of their personal life in order to have those jobs. In other words White House Chief of Staff is not just a job you go home from. It is what you do from the moment you get up until the moment you go to sleep from exhaustion. You have to be passionate about your career to do this. I’m not sure I could do that I love being with my family too much.

The West Wing Season 1 Episode 3 – A Proportional Response

I have to say I like The West Wing as a series. Loved it when it was on. I rarely paid attention to the political message then merely the interplay of the characters and whatnot. Watching it now for the political undertones.

I think in this episode (remembering this was pre 9-11) they were trying to say that using military force in a way at a higher level than someone used on us is bad. That was the takeaway I got.

I have to say to the producers, here on Veterans Day, that as a Veteran the military members are not war hungry guys. They really don’t want to have to fight. They do however have that ability. They have the capability. They will do so if ordered and they hope/pray they don’t have to.

There are however times when you must. Sadly. But if you do you should do it when necessary to protect people. You must protect those that can’t protect themselves and sometimes diplomacy doesn’t work. Let’s revisit World War II. If the allies had gotten on board earlier how far would Hitler have gotten? We waited, we talked, we did little until we were pushed WAY into a corner.

Sometimes you have to do things you don’t like. As a veteran and a patriot I saw do them. Do them fast and rarely. But there are some people in the world who only understand force. That makes me sad but it is important for us to fully realize.


The Business side of tax increases and inflation

Ok. I don’t often sound off on specific policies but here we go.

Taxes. Here is the unintended consequence of increasing taxes.

Why should I bit her knocking myself out to bring home an extra $20k over my base salary assuming I make in the now higher bracket. I will take more time off instead.

Here is the problem for the US federal tax revenue. They will get all the tax revenue on my salary as they should. They will miss that extra income while I go home and watch Dancing with the Stars.

Now I’m happy and well rested. I have a little less money in the bank. But the fed loses the Taxes they would have gotten on that 20k. In the higher bracket that is a few grand.

Multiply that by a lot of people. See where i am going? Higher income people seem to be good at the math.

I for one vote for a flat tax. Being a realist a graduate tax rate is what we have and what we will have. So how about a gently graduated rate a close a lot of loopholes and seriously limit write-offs but give a lower overall rate.

Higher taxes are very bad for the economy. This in turn is very bad for government revenues at all levels.