Invention via Government Order

I was reading a blog that makes a lot of sense to me.

I want to point out a blog entry that was made there…

I have to second the point made here.

One can not just sign an executive order and say….ok…scientists just go invent me a way out of this mess…No funding to your work just an order. Line up the engineers against a wall and say DO IT…

When they say why the answer is BECAUSE I SAID SO.

That ‘because I said so answer’ usually works with a parent talking to a child but let us face a few facts. The point is that if we REALLY want to double gas mileage in trucks that is absolutely a great idea. However based on speed of product to market the weaker engines are not going to cut it as the blogger points out.

The other problem this will have is not JUST raising the prices of goods that get delivered to stores. I think the greater impact will be the number of truckers that get driven out of business. There are a lot of independent truckers and if that standard becomes ‘real’ the only answer will be shipping by rail. Great if you are a railroad bad if you are an indepdent trucker.

What will 50% of the truckers going out of business do to the unemployment in this country? Add 1% add 0.75%. Whatever the number is it is an additional number and in the wrong way.

Thanks President Obama.


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