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North Korea, South Korea and potential fighting

I have been watching carefully the goings on in Koren political world between the two Koreas. If the destroyer that went down two months ago really was a torpedo launched from a Submarine this leaves us with a couple of possibilities.

1) North Korean leadership ordered it. This would be very bad because it means they are getting more bold and possibly preparing for a real move toward the South. If they (or China) have figured out how to get through our minefield separating the two Koreas this would be a mess. This would be especially problematic given that a large chunk of our combat troops are busy. How do we help South Korea (which I think we are bound to do by treaty)…This would be a mess.

2) It was a rogue Captain. This would be bad as well. It means that the North has lost control of its military. It also means that the leadership is not the most radical group in the country. It means that there is a faction in the North that wants to finish the Korean war, or take on the US more than the current set of guys.

Either way I don’t see an option 3. The two options I see are with the assumption that it was a torpedo from a North Korean sub. If it really was a leftover mine from a bygone war then that is a different story. However given what is being said in the news media it appears to be a torpedo. So I don’t see an option 3. If anyone would care to leave a comment about what option 3 is I would appreciate it.

Over the next few days I am going to think about how these two options play out and post something.

For once though I think it is important for the President to do exactly what he is doing. Let Clinton handle it for a while and stay very quiet while he is, I am sure, being briefed on what is going on. This could turn out to be a very dangerous situation given the close ties of North Korea and China.