Sean Hannity lost credibility with me even though I don’t agree with President Obama

Ok I am far from a great supporter of the President. I wasn’t even a fan of the last guy in some ways. Although in others I respected him (And our current president).

But Mr. Hannity recently just rode it off the rails. Anyone of his fans who doesn’t see this bit of hypocrisy deserves whatever names they get called. I have even occasionally agreed with him but at this point I have to call him on the carpet.

Just in case let us define hypocrisy:

1 : a feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not; especially : the false assumption of an appearance of virtue or religion
2 : an act or instance of hypocrisy

What Mr. Hannity did was just beyond reproach.

I am going to paraphrase as I am sure if I try to quote it someone will say he never said exactly that…The words are different his meaning and actions the same. Remember I am not defending the President here just saying Mr. Hannity has just gone to a bad place. I think his intentions are good. He wants his side to win elections but we must be honest as he continually says.

Midway through President Obama’s first year in office Mr. Hannity slammed the President over and over for being over exposed. This was because he was doing too many prime time press conferences, too many speeches, etc. Now these comments coming from someone who has a 4 hour per day syndicated talk show on radio and a 1 hour per day TV show calling someone overexposed are a bit of a leap but Mr. Hannity and the President have different jobs so we’ll let that go.

This week President Obama held a press conference for the first time in a while, the topic of which was the oil spill in the gulf. I could dissect the Presidents statements scientifically and perhaps I will but not now. The point is that when Mr. Hannity heard about this press conference he again slams the president for not having enough press conferences.

Come on Mr. Hannity. What would make you happy? You have gone to a place that is bad. No matter what President Obama does you are going to take the opposite position. I implore you Mr Hannity to listen to your friend Mark Levin. When he slams the president it is on substance. He backs up his critical statements with facts. You sir, Mr. Hannity, just want to slam the president for anything he says. Stop it…That is not how you, or any intelligent person, should advance their agenda. Intellectual exchange, as you have said, is the best way to do it. So give your own advice a try..


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