The President Does Not Understand The Military????!!!??

I have been a member of the military. I have watched military events for a long time. I read military history books when I have time….

I now think we have a commander in chief that just absolutely doesn’t understand the military. He doesn’t understand why you keep one.

There is a discussion going on at the level of the President to start a military award for showing ‘restraint’.

Restraint as in when under fire in Afghanistan did you only shoot as many people as you had to. I am here to tell you that the military doesn’t go ‘people hunting’. They don’t like to kill. You have to but it isn’t something you go out looking for.

I think his though may be that the military is full of thugs who have to be kept on a chain or civilians get hurt. I say to you Mr. President. Wake up!!! Smell some coffee…Not foo foo Jamaican Blue Mountain Frappawhatevers…

Have some WWII vets come in and discuss what life is like under fire..Do so with Korean war vets, Viet nam vets…I am not discounting those with more recent military service such as myself. Merely these guys have had years to make their peace with it….They can give a more detached view….

I for one say Mr. President…Get a grip. Realize the military is there to kill people and break things but they don’t kill or break more than they have to. Ok there are a few rare exceptions to this but there are exceptions when dealing with any group of people that large.

I think this award is coming from the right place in his heart, he means well…He just doesn’t get it…

One term? Could this finally drive it home? To all but the far far far left? I don’t know but this one just makes me roll my eyes and say what’s next.

I want to find something I can be supportive of him on but he is NOT going to memorial day at Arlington Cemetary because he is going to a Paul McCartny concert…So is the military just an annoyance to him? Help me Mr. President. Do something I can get behind.



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