Tax Day and President Obama

I agree that politicians can and will say almost anything depending on what audience they are talking to.

I was so offended by something the President said the other day I almost called the white house switchboard. But rather than being reactionary I said to myself well he’s a politician and a fairly successful one being President.

The President said some pretty nasty things about the tea partiers which I am not one of but I see their point. This is a country where you can protest and leaders should take that freedom seriously. People can say whatever they want if you disagree with it you are allowed to shout at the top of your lungs the opposite. This is based on laws such as slander, etc of course but you get my point.

However on Tax Day the President said we should be thanking him for that bill I had to send in. I paid a LOT in taxes and you know what I’m happy to have the ability to. Its fine I’ll pay my share whatever that is. But good lord do you have to be so snarky about it? I won’t thank you for the taxes Mr. Obama and the increases you have in store for me. I won’t do it. I will thank you to take a different tactic and say “to those of you who pay above the average tax burdon, thank you. We want to be able to help all American’s achieve the dream” Try that tactic Mr. President and you may not force me to campaign against you. It will be incrediablly hard to get me to vote for you but I may not actively work against you if you stop the arrogant attack on people.


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  1. Posted by Yoshi on April 26, 2010 at 8:21 pm

    His comments were directed at the tea party members out there protesting higher taxes when they got a cut this year.

    A recent poll of Tea Party members showed they have no clue about the tax code and the cuts that most Americans got this year. Only 2% of tea party member polled actually knew they got a tax cut this year.

    Its that ignorance he is being “snarky” about. The fact that the majority of the country has no idea that Federal Income taxes went down for most Americans. All the nonsense being spewed seems to drown out the truth. We saw this with HIR and we saw it again with taxes.

    So which side is really the slanderer? I’m sure Obama would take any group of protesters much more seriously if they were actually protesting based on facts and not myths.


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