The West Wing Season 1 Episode 4 – Five Votes Down

I think this episode was particularly interesting. It shows something we all knew but displays it very well. That politicians will do anything for a personal victory. It has way less to some of them doing the right thing than it does to advancing their career and being owed political points.

I’m sure not all politicians think like this but how much legislation has been past, how much money has been spent to advance a career rather than help our country.

I for one hope that things such as Health Care wasn’t done just for these types of reasons.

It also shows something that I knew a long time ago but displays it very well. People in demanding jobs really do give up much of their personal life in order to have those jobs. In other words White House Chief of Staff is not just a job you go home from. It is what you do from the moment you get up until the moment you go to sleep from exhaustion. You have to be passionate about your career to do this. I’m not sure I could do that I love being with my family too much.


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