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One Senator Jim Bunning hold up Jobless-Benefits good thing?

One Senator has stood alone on an interesting issue.  He has chosen to say no more spending on anything unless we find an offset.  He chose to hold up a $10B jobless benefit bill because it would tack more money onto the deficit.  

I think its a good thing to STOP debt spending.  STOP it cold.  I for one support him in his stop of the deficit spending.  I think we can find $10B to cut someplace.  Cut it from unspent stimulus funds is where he wants it and that I guess is ok because it will eliminate MORE deficit spending although even that is a bit of a shell game as the stimulus is all debt.  

I for one like I said support him in his efforts if $10B can’t be found in a budget this large…what the heck.  I can find it for them. 

GET IT FROM FOREIGN AID.  We send so much money to other countries for ‘aid’ and its again debt spending that its nuts.  Take it from there.  Take care of PEOPLE HERE.  Stop charging on the national credit card for this kind of thing.