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Financial Advisors – Huh?

I tune in to talk radio often. If you listen on Saturday or Sunday there a wide array of financial advisors on the radio. The conversation is always the same.

How much do you make?

How much have you saved?

Do this…(Usually followed by call my office and become a client).

Somewhere in there they say debt bad, savings good.

Do they not understand the point is to try to teach people things not just instruct?

I have managed my own portfolio for a while. I will say this….With a little bit of homework on your investments beating the market isn’t difficult.

Mutual funds can tie the market, some even beat it and that works if you want to invest and hide your head in the sand. But if you like taking care of business yourself here is my advice. Read 4-5 books, do your homework on each company and go for it. I a mere scientist made over 80% last year and am up over 30% this year.

Financial advisors by the way usually charge either enormous hourly fees so if you make money or not they don’t care…Their other option is a percentage of every sale if you made money or not.