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Massacre in Mattapan Mass

I have been listening to the news about the multiple murder in Mattapan Mass. Who knows how this is going to turn out but we can all agree that the most tragic part is the dead 2 year old boy.

Here is the part to me that says something about us societally. Obviously multiple gun shots. Just look at the number of dead people. NO ONE CALLED THE COPS.

The police were alerted by a device called Shot Spotter. If it weren’t for the technology how long might it have been before the police knew something happened? Dawn?

This to me says more about the neighborhood and what some areas think about society; law and order than others do. People say these crime riddled neighborhoods need more resources than do the so called ‘rich’ areas. But I will be you that people in Andover that heard a single gun shot would have called the cops right away.

It is truely a tragedy that this young child was killed. But I think the larger tragedy is what happened afterwards with no one calling for first responders.

Lesbian Student prevented from going to prom?

On this particular topic I have to say.  Really?

This is the United States of America.  A place where constitutionally we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

If being a lesbian and going to prom with her girlfriend is what makes this young woman happy then I say let her do it.  Why cancel the prom for the entire school over the matter.  Is that really reasonable?

Personally I say that declaring to the world you are a lesbian at a high school age is kind of early but to each their own.  Being a teenager is confusing enough and making these kinds of huge decisions are probably best left to later in life, but that is just my humble opinion.

If the pursuit of happiness includes going to prom as a lesbian with your girlfriend then go.  You don’t hurt anyone, you don’t scar my eyes.  Just go.  If your pursuit harms me in some way then we have a different constitutional argument but I don’t think that really applies here.

I for one hope they get into the prom and hope they have a great time.

If the school sticks by this perhaps the kids who aren’t the one couple getting it canceled have a constitutional argument to make.  That probably fails due to prom not being required for educational purposes.  But perhaps the parents can figure out a way to host it not associated with the school?

Democrats or Republicans? Who is right? They are both wrong

So I was on the treadmill last night listening to one of my favorite comedians rant.  I love a good rant and Louis Black has many.

If you know his work you know he picks on politicians a lot.  I mean there is so much material to work with.  He also has gone on hilarious rants about the IRS which I share some of his views on.

He had a long joke I won’t quote but he brought up a good point.  Who in Washington is right and who is wrong?  What is the difference between the parties?

The Democrats think the federal government should be in charge.

The Republicans think the states should be in charge.

So who is right?  Well his point was both of them are wrong.  It has to be a mix.  There have to be some things that are federal and some things that are state.  That is the way our founding fathers wanted it.  I share that view.  But in my lifetime I have seen the federal government expand further and further and states, well those governments also expanded but at a much slower rate.

If you need further proof of this I work in and out of DC.  I in my career have spoken to members of Congress and the Senate.  In a previous career I even met a President, for like 2 minutes don’t get excited.  It could have been a cardboard cut out.

I noticed something when I was there.  There are a ton of lobbying groups and that is fine.  Those groups serve a purpose.  I think they have too much power but whatever it is what it is.

The thing that bothered me is that I discovered every single state now has a lobbying group.  They all do.  The purpose of which is for the state government to get the federal government to do things for them?  What?  Come on is that separate?  I think the states governments are now just paperwork places that no longer have real power but report to the fed.  If you do anything to make big daddy federal government mad they will cut your allowance.  This is bad people.  There needs to be a separation of those entities just as their are three branches of the federal government the state governments need to exist outside that world.  Just as, I think, the founding fathers wanted it.

Oscars, Best Picture, The Hurt Locker, etc.

I have been watching the press on the upcoming Oscars.  The Best Picture has 10 different movies nominated and I think it is going to be one of two.  Its either going to be Avatar or The Hurt Locker.  The one getting most of the press is The Hurt Locker.  In some ways the press has been saying that the director got it wrong.  This isn’t realistic.

I have to say as a veteran artistic license is fine.  The EOD guys do a tough in fact very tough job.  Yes they missed details.  That is probably good.  It also would not have been an entertaining movie at all had it been identical to a day in the life of one of those hard working guys.  Those guys are real heros as they absolutely know they are walking up to something that could kill them and their friends.  I saw that movie brought the fairly unsung hero of the EOD guy into the limelight.  I also thank the director, producer, writer, etc for bringing these guys some of the attention they deserve.

My vote goes to The Hurt Locker.  Avatar was fine but a predictable movie largely to be watched just because the effects were absolutely amazing.

I should probably look and see what the other 8 nominated movies are but so far those are the only two I know (sad but true).

Military Tribunals vs. Civilian Court for terrorists

I have been thinking a lot about what I would do if I were President with the prisoners in Gitmo.  I can say this I’m glad I’m not President.  I wouldn’t want to figure this one out.

I also think that we should have done something with them a LONG time ago rather than just letting them sit there.

I think civilian trials are a bad idea, forgetting about the cost.  The cost is one thing and it would be EXPENSIVE but like I said bag the cost just think about the best foot forward.

These guys consider this as a war.  They act against us as a military or paramilitary group.  Let’s forget civilian trials then.  Go with military tribunals.  But lets just get it done.  Stop waiting and move forward smartly.

Civilian trials would end up being a media circus with a movie of the week or something.  Certainly would give the terrorists or suspected terrorists and soapbox from which to scream their politics.  I’m find with free speech and as much as you want to do.  What I am not ok with is doing that at Taxpayer expense.  Feel free to spout your own stuff on your own time and dime.

Military trials would be less showy.  I also think they are probably as fare as anything you are likely to get for these guys.  Move forward and get it done Mr. President.

Seaworld and the killer whale

I feel bad for the trainer that died at SeaWorld.  I really do.  But as far as the various people going nuts over it, I have just one thing to say.  It is called a KILLER WHALE.  Guess what killer whales have that name for a reason.  If you are going to have these animals in captivity and actively interact with them things are going to happen from time to time.

The solution is to NOT DO IT.  Not to later blame the animal.