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Morning Joe and Nancy Pelosi discussion

Morning Joe is talking about an interview Nancy Pelosi gave about the passage of the Health Care Bill.  She is claiming, in this interview, that the opposition was fighting FOR the big insurance companies.

I think she is delusional.  She just passed a law making every person in America buy their product.  Why would she think the other side saying no no no would be a benefit to them?

Sure they have to have pre-existing conditions, etc.  However, there are a large number of uninsured young people who rarely get sick!  I think we need an actuary to sort this out and just figure it out.  Stop pointing fingers and answer the question.

I personally don’t think either side cared about insurance companies in the least while arguing this topic.

House posting of Healthcare bill

The new version of this bill is out.

If you read my historic posts you understand I have a real problem with federal funding of abortion.  I found the word abortion in 37 places according to my search.  It delineates federally funded and non federally funded.  It very much does fund abortions through my tax dollars.  As a result I will write letters, call, and perhaps even go protest this bill.  That passage for me makes the difference.

If you want an abortion I won’t stop you.  But you can’t force me to pay for it.


Mistakes in Health Care Fearmongering

I comment made by someone brought up a very good point.

I have heard on multiple news sources that there is a New England Journal of Medicine report about how a large percentage of doctors would leave medicine if this passed.

I did a search through NEJM.  I couldn’t find the study.  When you are a scientist for a living you should check references.  I am embarrassed to say I didn’t do it until just now.  There appears to be no official study.  Could this go under urban legend?

If this study is real and I missed it someone, anyone send me the link.  If not I, like the comment that was left, want to see a retraction (although its likely we won’t).

Reasons like this are why I for one have been steadfast in my hope for a real and honest debate on this subject.  Get the truth out.  Do one step at a time and FIX THE PROBLEM.  Let’s not knee jerk and either pass up something worthwhile or do the wrong thing.

Congressman Michael E Capuano and Healthcare; a moonbat district (Thank Michele McPhee for that moniker)

This should be the deciding point on Health Care voting.

Michael E Capuano who represents the 8th district in Massachusetts voted yes in the original round of voting on Health care.

This is a district that is Cambridge (VERY far left) and Boston.  He is undecided.  His constituents are as lefty as they come.  They are going to be the voters here in this state that would totally be for this healthcare package if anyone.  And if the man that represents them has to think for a second; I say this package while well intentioned at reforming the system that needs reform, may be the wrong answer.

Congresswoman Niki Tsongas and the reason we should vote her out – Health Care Procedure is borderline criminal

I don’t care about left, right or in the middle politically at this point.  Some people are just drones without thought to content.

The way the democrats are in power and trying to push through a massive piece of legislation that will make people mad.  The people have said over and over they don’t want it.  Now the majority of elected representatives are saying this as well so they are looking for sneaky ways to get it through rather than standing up like big boys and girls and saying yes or no.  The answer appears to be NO.  But they cry baby people in charge are saying ‘but I want it’

This for me is a problem and I think this I am going to find one congressperson a day who says something arrogant about this topic which is against their constituents and post something about it.  Today I found that Niki Tsongas from the fifth district of Massachusetts.

Her district says no but she says yes.  So as we live in a representative democratic system she doesn’t seem to grasp that what her constituents want is what she should want.  If she says no to them then, well, they should fire her.  Here is what she said on Health Care.

But, overall, I strongly believe that this bill expands access to health care for nearly all of our citizens and begins to control the unsustainable cost of care.  It is for these reasons that I was proud to support this historic bill.

So there you go.  The population in her district polls no on health care.  She says what?  The voters…nah…they don’t matter…So I think the voters in the fifth district.  Should say ok, and offer up the American style of a term limit.  Vote her out.

Healthcare, the President, Nancy Pelosi and lies from politicians

I am anticipating that as I type this I’ll get some comment about the previous administration.  But I have to ask, do two lies make a truth?

I am hearing from multiple news sources now that the ‘sweetheart’ deals that were added to the current Health Care package in the Senate and the House, then stated multiple times by the President to be taken out, are still in there.  There is some procedural thing that is preventing them from being taken out so the attitude is ‘oh well’ leave them in.

So there are lies lies and more lies going on.  Where does it end?  One state never pays, other states get other sweet deals. 

Let’s get to the truth, if they want the deal without those sweetheart deal, take them out, take the bill to the floor and vote.  If if fails, it fails.  If it passes it passes.  Deal with it.  Vote on the thing already.

With or without the deals we need a vote and then let the politicians STAND ON THEIR VOTE!  If you vote for it and fear that may cost you your seat in the next election then at least be a grown up.  Stand up, on the floor and vote Yes or No.

Health Care Bill and Federal Funding on Abortion; My thoughts

Ok, I have read everything I can find and fit in my schedule on the Health Care bill.  The house is about to take this up.  That’s fine.

Here is my problem.  I don’t believe in abortion, I just don’t.  Ok maybe in the case of severe health concerns to the mother, rape, etc.  However just for the sake of abortion?  There are too many people willing to adopt for this in my opinion to be a viable option.

Now that being said, even though I am a life long catholic (thanks Dad; meant with zero sarcasm in case it comes across as sarcastic).  I don’t believe in abortion on those grounds mostly (except outlined above).  I do NOT however think it is governments place to legislate the matter.

I think it should be legal and VERY rare.  If I knew someone headed down that path I would argue until I couldn’t stand up anymore.  Just ask around.  It has happened; on more than one occasion.

Now here is where I really draw the line.  The Senate Health Care bill allows for federal funding of abortions as part of the package.  This to me is a non starter.  I am done even thinking about the senate bill as viable.  If my money is going to be thrown at this I have a real problem.  I know someone is going to say that Planned Parenthood already gets some tax dollars.  You should see the letters I have written about that one.

This makes it harder to get rid of.  I am going on a new letter writing campaign to stop at least this portion of the bill.

I know the President doesn’t care.  Somewhere along the line in the campaign he said he wouldn’t want his daughters to have to live with a mistake.  A mistake?  Like his grandchild?  Says something about the morals of the man in my opinion.  What that something is I’ll leave for the reader to decide.

I think we need some health care reform in this country.  We have an aging population and costs will spiral quickly as that continues.  However, this one to me is just more than I can stand.  I for one will do more than blog about it.

Nancy Pelosi and the quote of all time; She really doesn’t get it

Ok I posted a blog a while back about how Nancy Pelosi just doesn’t get it.  I had some push back from people and they had some valid arguments.  The arguments were great.  I love the push back.  It really does light up my day.  But I have to say that I am standing by my statement.  The woman has no clue.

She gave the following quote I found on her website dated 3/9/2010

“But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.”

I didn’t truncate that.  I cut and paste.

Shouldn’t the job of an elected official be to find out about what’s in a bill BEFORE you vote for or against it?  This bill could be great! It could be terrible!  She obviously agrees that some members don’t know what’s in there.

I suggest something else may be going on here.  She may know what’s in it and also know that if it were read in detail and fully understood it would fail by a colossal margin.  I may be wrong but according to her we have to make it law so I can find that out.

How ridiculous.  I now plan on donating a bit more to her opponents campaign funds.  Whoever that person is.  It can’t get worse.  Imagine that I would honestly rather have my labrador retriever in that role than this woman after that statement.  Would John Adams ever say that?  The founding fathers must be loading their muskets in the afterlife thinking about coming back for a second round of freedom from tyranny.

The nuclear option by Obama, Pelosi, Reid on Health Care

Apparently, according to the news the Democrats are going to attempt to use reconciliation.  That method only allows for budget items so someone procedurally has to go through a cross out anything not budget related.

This is to me an interesting thing.  As the president said if the people don’t like it that’s what elections are for.  He forgets something, I think, and I could be wrong, that he’ll lose a lot of democratic support if he tries this.  I could be wrong but it may happen.

Several outcomes are possible.

First, the news is wrong and this isn’t what they are going to do.  A real option.

Second, it will pass in some unrecognizable form.  The democrats will lose both houses in the process or you won’t be able to get a hotel room in DC due to all the protestors.  Both are fine options with me.

Third, it will fail and President Obama’s approval rating will take a deeper dive than it already has.

I don’t see any of these except for the first as something beneficial to the President or the Democrats.  They have to know this.  I can’t see their angle.  What are they trying to accomplish?  Being able to paint the republicans as the party of no?  Because they are doing what the polls show the American public wants at least on this subject?  Confused at the real motivation here.  If anyone has an idea what that motivation is please leave a comment and help me see it.

President Obama and a fantastic quote

I have had something the President said during the Healthcare summit stuck in my head.

He said, and I am paraphrasing, that we should have a vote, and if the people don’t like it well then that’s what elections are for.

He is absolutely right.  Politicians of all parties should hold that belief.  Do you what you feel good about, what you feel is right and if the majority of voters disagree with you, well to quote Donald Trump, ‘You’re Fired’.  In this case I disagree with the president I think sweeping reform of Health Care is both important and dangerous to our economy.  Yes if we don’t fix Health Care with all the aging baby boomers and influx of illegal aliens as well as uninsured, yes there may be a problem especially to our economy.  I for one can’t afford to pay for 3 families of Health Care.  One is enough.  So yes, it is dangerous because if it is done wrong the fragile economy will get worse.  If it is done right it is likely to help.  Its a fine line, and a tough one but that’s why being President is hard.

That being said, his attempt at a bipartisan meeting was a joke made for TV, and it was pretty bad TV.