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Education, Welfare, Low Income neighborhoods and dependence on government

I’m really not sure what to say here other than describe a situation.

I was at a post office yesterday in a not great part of town.  Lower income families, many dependent on various forms of government assistance.  I understand this situation and think we should help people out when they need it.

However in the early days of these programs they were designed to put a mattress underneath someone so that the fall didn’t kill them.  In other words give people a bit of money so they don’t starve.

I’m in line behind people wearing designer clothes carrying cell phones, blackberries, text devices and all manner of stuff in that regard.  I know this because it was a constant chatter of people talking loudly about nothing in general besides who is doing what to whom.  Texting by people was constant.  These things are all fine as well as it is a free country but these devices aren’t cheap and if you are living on my tax dollars I feel a bit concerned about the prevalence of designer labels I don’t wear due to the cost, and devices so new I don’t have the technogadget yet.  And that says a lot as I have a lot of gadgets.

Here is the part that makes me suspect these folks are now SO dependent on government they can no longer function in any job and that bothers me.  There were maybe 10-12 people in line in front of me.  There were 2 instances of people getting to the front with their package to be shipped which it had no address.  The people were shocked they couldn’t just tell you who it was for and the general neighborhood and the package wouldn’t get there.  THEY DIDN’T KNOW YOU NEEDED THE ADDRESS!!!!

I asked the postperson behind the counter if that was common.  They said ‘happens all the time’.

I fear for the future.  Unemployment isn’t going to get better if this is what the public education system turns out.

Something needs to be done.  We need serious education reform and need it today.