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Entourage, Season 1 Show 1 – “Entourage”

In any post I have with this kind of thing I am going to work diligently to not just be a blow by blow of the episode. I have done that in the past and I find those as boring to read as everyone else. So this is a new approach.

I am a television and movie junkie. Just ask anyone. So I have seen samplings of most stuff. I find many thing predictable.

I do however, find Entourage a new show to me, even though it has been around a while apparently refreshing.

Season 1 Show 1 is always just character introduction. This episode not only does that but it also entertains. You can see the clear potential for this series from the start.

What I find utterly refreshing is that this show makes no apologies about what it is. A show for guys about guys. It is clearly unapologetically not geared for women. I applaud them for this.

Another thing I find is that there is a character, Ari, who is geared to what goes through all of our heads at one point in time or another. When this guy is confronted with the knee jerk reaction that most people keep to themselves he says it out loud. I love this character. Its fantastic. He is brash, brazen, a jerk, rude, and dear lord says stuff out loud to people I really wish I could do in my day to day life and career. The man lives the fantasy we all have.

If you want to see what I mean watch that episode it is apparent from the moment he walks in frame.

DaScienceGuy – I will be watching more…..


The West Wing Season 1 Episode 2 – Post Hoc Ergo Proctor Hoc

Again I like the show. Thankfully they kept most of the politics out of this episode. Its more about how to cope with having a very demanding job and a life at the same time.

It is also about how people in power above you and sometimes frustrate you because they may do something wrong…Know its wrong…but do it anyway. Sadly I have at work many times heard from people above me…yeah there are better ways to do this but that just isn’t us. So we’r going to go with this method which costs more or takes longer or whatever….But they do it because that’s the way it is.

I find myself wondering why that is? Why do people when presented with a good and bad choice sometimes intentionally pick one that while it may make them feel good makes someone else’s life VERY VERY difficult. When they could have just done the right thing sucked it up and made life easier on everyone while they themselves may not have had that warm fuzzy all over.

If you want the episode I’m talking about the Vice President’s behavior. He let’s his ambition get in the way of doing what he should to help the team. I look at it this way. If I were vice President of the United States…Well that’s a pretty accomplished position. That’s a great place to get to in your career. Why be pissed off about it? I don’t get it.

But then I’m not a self loving politician who thinks the world revolves around me so maybe I’m not meant to understand.


The West Wing – Pilot Episode

I have been looking at many things in life and feeling a bit naustalgic (I hope I spelled that right) lately. So I pulled out some DVDs of The West Wing television show. Not agreeing much with the politics of the show but thinking it was really well done I always enjoyed it.

Now I really remember why this was something I used to race home from work to see. The Pilot is perhaps one of the best pilots I have ever come across. Ok its all character introduction and that sometimes gets in the way of a good story but it shows something about our political process that everyone should know.

During the episode someone from one end of the political spectrum insulted someone from the other end (imagine that). They all got together to hash out their differences and the side which had been insulted asked point blank ‘what do we get’. It is as if everyone involved in politics is willing to take the insult if it makes you bend to their poliitical desires. Is that what we have really come to. Sit around and ‘bait’ the other guy until he takes it then just say…ok buddy now you have to give me xyz or I’ll make you look worse on television.

Sadly I like the show. Love that episode but that little bit caught me as something that probably happens every single day in Washington DC. I just wish our politicians would sit down, logically go through as many ideas as they could, select the best and move on. Not wait for the insult then go all the way one direction or the other (as I am sure both political extremes do this).


The Big Bang Theory Season 1 Episode 8 – The Grasshopper Experiment


This show just gets better and better. In this episode Raj being from India gets a ‘video web chat’ piece of information from his parents about an arranged marriage. Interestingly I have known a few people in the lab and around campus who have gotten this phone call and then gotten married. Scientists I guess do what their parents tell them? (Ok I don’t but that’s not the issue here; however my kids better do what they are told).

The challenge for Raj is obvious. He is mute in front of women. Just can’t talk to them at all!!!

So enter Penny with a night when she needs to get ready to be a bartender which she has never done. So she mixes some drinks for the guys and presto bamo with alcohol Raj can talk to women and pretty well. His boundaries disappear.

We find out how far his boundaries go when he turns into a complete jerk in front of the arranged date. So much a jerk it just gets funny. SOMEHOW his date ends up leaving with Sheldon????!!!?!?!?!?!?

Now that part I have never seen happen. A theoretical physicist getting the girl? Ok true getting her from an astro-physicist but well…wait…maybe?

Interestingly at the end of this episode Sheldon ends up with a drink or two in him and is singing show tunes from Fiddler on the Roof (my all time favorite musical) and really isn’t bad. Not sure how he was that good in fact!!!

The Big Bang Theory Season 1 Episode 7 – The Dumpling Paradox


Ok now here Sheldon, in his never ending quest to be able to interface with people, has issues ordering in a restaurant because Howard disappears with a girl.

Penny comes over to hide at the guys apartment here at the start of the episode. Mainly to vent about a friend staying with her from back home in Nebraska. The offense the girl was guilty of you ask? Well being a total slut. It Hoard of course disappears immediately with the friend. Have to love his never say die always on the prowl attitude.

Now Penny while still trying to hide decides to join the guys for ‘Halo night’. Much to the dismay of Sheldon who doesn’t think she could grasp the game. Well he is much smarter and it took him a while so of course she will take a while right? Ha…She blows him apart over and over. Kinda funny. The lesson for nerds: Never underestimate a non-nerd. They can sneak up on you and drop a plasma grenade thereby setting you on fire.

Wallowitz Belt Buckle: Lightning bolt. his belt buckles are cool…But I couldn’t pull them off.

All in all a good episode but not one of the classics….DaScienceGuy…Out

The Big Bang Theory Season 1 Episode 6 – The Middle Earth Paradigm



The nerds in the front of this play paintball and based on the coverage of paint they could be the guys I work with. They play paintball and suck. Interestingly these nerds like the ones I know are professionally equipped for the ‘sport’…

Penny asks the guys to come to a costume party. Hmmmm costume party with a bunch of comic book loving nerds. What can one say. I could go on and on about the costumes but better to watch that for yourself.

The one nerd analysis thing I have here (which is let’s face it what I am doing…Dissecting the show from what have I seen nerds doing angle)…One of the guys, Raj, who has selective mutism, he can’t talk to women…at all….winds up in bed with someone from the party. Because he’s such a good listener. HE just listens without trying to help…or fix….or suggest…just listens.

I asked the wife…That’s a good thing to do.


The Big Bang Theory Season 1 Episode 5 – The Hamburger Postulate


Apparently this episode garners its title from the uber organized theorist who has a ‘regular Tuesday Hamburger’ that gets switched to a different restaurant.

The episode has many interesting twists.

At one point in a past episode Leonard had asked out a female scientist who he had some things in common with. She decided for various reasons (after some scientific analysis at the viability of the relationship) to say no. Here she happens to end up using Leonard for sex. Now I don’t know if this happens but let’s just say that there are enough male and female scientists that statistically someplace at sometime its highly likely.

Now Sheldon our constantly confused by the ‘human condition’ theorist has issues with the sex noises. He didn’t get that its not ok to call the roomies cell phone in the middle of……stuff… say..Oh I know you are in there and message received. I’ll leave you alone. My only question is why did the roomie alone with a woman stop to answer the phone? Maybe its just me but let voicemail get it…

Now interestingly in the middle of the night the female scientist fixed an equation on Sheldon’s white board. Sheldon threw a fit because he thinks of her as a lessor scientist. Now I haven’t ever seen anyone get upset when someone fixes and equation but I have seen people say…no no no that isn’t right it can be done better. We call it the not invented here syndrome at work.

Interestingly Leonard spends an enormous amount of time in this episode over-analyzing every conversation he has had with Penny. He is trying to figure out what she means but every little nuance. I have to say I have done this sort of thing. Just ask anyone I know..GUILTY!!!! A very science guy kind of thing to do.

Finally…The Wallowitz beltbuckle. The Superman chest emblem…Nice copy of it also…Where do they find these things.