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Sean Hannity lost credibility with me even though I don’t agree with President Obama

Ok I am far from a great supporter of the President. I wasn’t even a fan of the last guy in some ways. Although in others I respected him (And our current president).

But Mr. Hannity recently just rode it off the rails. Anyone of his fans who doesn’t see this bit of hypocrisy deserves whatever names they get called. I have even occasionally agreed with him but at this point I have to call him on the carpet.

Just in case let us define hypocrisy:

1 : a feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not; especially : the false assumption of an appearance of virtue or religion
2 : an act or instance of hypocrisy

What Mr. Hannity did was just beyond reproach.

I am going to paraphrase as I am sure if I try to quote it someone will say he never said exactly that…The words are different his meaning and actions the same. Remember I am not defending the President here just saying Mr. Hannity has just gone to a bad place. I think his intentions are good. He wants his side to win elections but we must be honest as he continually says.

Midway through President Obama’s first year in office Mr. Hannity slammed the President over and over for being over exposed. This was because he was doing too many prime time press conferences, too many speeches, etc. Now these comments coming from someone who has a 4 hour per day syndicated talk show on radio and a 1 hour per day TV show calling someone overexposed are a bit of a leap but Mr. Hannity and the President have different jobs so we’ll let that go.

This week President Obama held a press conference for the first time in a while, the topic of which was the oil spill in the gulf. I could dissect the Presidents statements scientifically and perhaps I will but not now. The point is that when Mr. Hannity heard about this press conference he again slams the president for not having enough press conferences.

Come on Mr. Hannity. What would make you happy? You have gone to a place that is bad. No matter what President Obama does you are going to take the opposite position. I implore you Mr Hannity to listen to your friend Mark Levin. When he slams the president it is on substance. He backs up his critical statements with facts. You sir, Mr. Hannity, just want to slam the president for anything he says. Stop it…That is not how you, or any intelligent person, should advance their agenda. Intellectual exchange, as you have said, is the best way to do it. So give your own advice a try..


The President Does Not Understand The Military????!!!??

I have been a member of the military. I have watched military events for a long time. I read military history books when I have time….

I now think we have a commander in chief that just absolutely doesn’t understand the military. He doesn’t understand why you keep one.

There is a discussion going on at the level of the President to start a military award for showing ‘restraint’.

Restraint as in when under fire in Afghanistan did you only shoot as many people as you had to. I am here to tell you that the military doesn’t go ‘people hunting’. They don’t like to kill. You have to but it isn’t something you go out looking for.

I think his though may be that the military is full of thugs who have to be kept on a chain or civilians get hurt. I say to you Mr. President. Wake up!!! Smell some coffee…Not foo foo Jamaican Blue Mountain Frappawhatevers…

Have some WWII vets come in and discuss what life is like under fire..Do so with Korean war vets, Viet nam vets…I am not discounting those with more recent military service such as myself. Merely these guys have had years to make their peace with it….They can give a more detached view….

I for one say Mr. President…Get a grip. Realize the military is there to kill people and break things but they don’t kill or break more than they have to. Ok there are a few rare exceptions to this but there are exceptions when dealing with any group of people that large.

I think this award is coming from the right place in his heart, he means well…He just doesn’t get it…

One term? Could this finally drive it home? To all but the far far far left? I don’t know but this one just makes me roll my eyes and say what’s next.

I want to find something I can be supportive of him on but he is NOT going to memorial day at Arlington Cemetary because he is going to a Paul McCartny concert…So is the military just an annoyance to him? Help me Mr. President. Do something I can get behind.


Invention via Government Order

I was reading a blog that makes a lot of sense to me.

I want to point out a blog entry that was made there…

I have to second the point made here.

One can not just sign an executive order and say….ok…scientists just go invent me a way out of this mess…No funding to your work just an order. Line up the engineers against a wall and say DO IT…

When they say why the answer is BECAUSE I SAID SO.

That ‘because I said so answer’ usually works with a parent talking to a child but let us face a few facts. The point is that if we REALLY want to double gas mileage in trucks that is absolutely a great idea. However based on speed of product to market the weaker engines are not going to cut it as the blogger points out.

The other problem this will have is not JUST raising the prices of goods that get delivered to stores. I think the greater impact will be the number of truckers that get driven out of business. There are a lot of independent truckers and if that standard becomes ‘real’ the only answer will be shipping by rail. Great if you are a railroad bad if you are an indepdent trucker.

What will 50% of the truckers going out of business do to the unemployment in this country? Add 1% add 0.75%. Whatever the number is it is an additional number and in the wrong way.

Thanks President Obama.

Science Policy and Modern Day Politicians

I have been a scientist for a while now. I have worked at Universities, at Companies both big and small, I have even worked with Universities while at companies. I have also been to National Labs, I have been to R&D firms. I see how the stuff works.

What bothers me is that I have been reading a lot of history books. There is no doubt in my mind that scientists, engineerings, experimentalists, etc are responsible for things like the wheel, things like the laser….All manner of stuff.

Modern day politicians and companies have the folks who fund this research so scared that if a project doesn’t work they’ll be fired that you almost can’t get research funded that is anywhere risky. You almost have to prove it will work before you can get funding to make it work.

How do you make REAL progress doing this. Sure you can make incrimental progress made but real revolutionary process can’t be done.

Imagine if you will a guy with a wacky idea on something that MAY solve a problem such as energy. Well gee, if it isn’t wind, solar, algorithms (all of which are good and necessary) good luck (that list is certainly not all inclusive). But those are band aids. Not a solution.

Some small projects are funded at tiny amounts of $$ but where is the modern day Manhattan type project? That spirit has been beaten out of the majority of scientists settling instead to make tiny steps off the shoulders of the giants that were here in the first 3/4 of the 20th century.

We need to encourage creativity and a bit of risk rather than discourage it. That spirit of invention needs to come back. I know someone will say wow look at all these inventions, all those inventions. Sure there is some interesting stuff out there. But where is the world changing invention such as the science that enabled electronics to be real that has occured in the last 20years. (iPods while interesting are not the type of thing I am talking about).

I for one want to work towards making sure these types of revolutionary changes can once again occur.

I am with Mark Levin, I just can’t take it anymore

There appear to be two types of people in this society. I for one am with Mark Levin the talk radio host. I just can’t take it anymore.

He has two groups he calls out. I have my own two groups. Those that do and those that pile onto those that do. Then of course those that pile when the persons that do can’t handle the pile point fingers and blame. Then of course say do more but I’m going to restrict your resources. So here is two the doers.

This rant is not just political this rant is sociological.

I am not pissed off at people with legitimate handicaps. My heart goes out to them and I believe they should get help from those that can.

I am pissed off at those that can and won’t. The inherently lazy. Those that beat the people pulling the cart. I for one am going to start building whips (metaphorically speaking I am NOT condoning violence) and beating back at those that say pull faster so I can relax here in the cart. Its over. If you can’t pull your weight don’t stick your hand out to me.

Pull your weight. Play time is over boys and girls. This is for keeps.

Tax Day and President Obama

I agree that politicians can and will say almost anything depending on what audience they are talking to.

I was so offended by something the President said the other day I almost called the white house switchboard. But rather than being reactionary I said to myself well he’s a politician and a fairly successful one being President.

The President said some pretty nasty things about the tea partiers which I am not one of but I see their point. This is a country where you can protest and leaders should take that freedom seriously. People can say whatever they want if you disagree with it you are allowed to shout at the top of your lungs the opposite. This is based on laws such as slander, etc of course but you get my point.

However on Tax Day the President said we should be thanking him for that bill I had to send in. I paid a LOT in taxes and you know what I’m happy to have the ability to. Its fine I’ll pay my share whatever that is. But good lord do you have to be so snarky about it? I won’t thank you for the taxes Mr. Obama and the increases you have in store for me. I won’t do it. I will thank you to take a different tactic and say “to those of you who pay above the average tax burdon, thank you. We want to be able to help all American’s achieve the dream” Try that tactic Mr. President and you may not force me to campaign against you. It will be incrediablly hard to get me to vote for you but I may not actively work against you if you stop the arrogant attack on people.


Current Administration – President Obama and Safety

As anyone who knows me for any length of time understands I am an army veteran, a scientist and I’d like to think a Patriot.

In the following order of preference I think of safety as a first concern:

1) My family
2) My Country
3) Our allies

I see moves being made by our government that make me concerned for numbers 2 and 3. I can take care of my family and will.

With the previous president I disagreed with him a great deal. On more subjects than I care to mention because I think of myself as a conservative. Financially conservative, morally conservative, and ethically. George Bush was absolutely no republican. Obama isn’t either but there is a difference.

If the US or her allies were threatened I had no doubt how George W Bush would react. He would seek to destroy them with all the fury he could muster.

Obama I’m not sure. I know he wants to negotiate and that’s fine. There is a time and a place for that. I know with some pirates he has declared open season and I have to admit I never thought he would do that. He has sent some folks to Afghanistan…

However, I don’t think that if we were backed into a corner by a major power he would feel comfortable unleashing the fury of the US Army on that enemy. I just don’t think he would do it in the fashion that would be something to keep us safe in the long run.

As a lesson from history on this subject let’s think back to what happened after WWI. We dismantled our army, we sent the soldiers home, we destroyed the warships and warmachines that won the war for us. Had we not done that dealing with Hitler and WWII would not have taken as long to do. It would have been much less costly both in terms of dollars and lives.

I hope I am wrong about our President. Only time will tell.


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Nuclear Weapons and President Obama – Some minor agreement

I have been listening to talk radio rip President Obama’s policy on no nukes even to defend the US.

A couple of things talk radio can spin anything any president says to make it sound stupid so let’s just get that out there.

Next, he is the commander in chief and he gets to choose how to defend the country. Agree or disagree right now he is the guy. Plus we have seen he will flip flop when needed so let’s just assume he reserves the right to change his mind on 30 seconds notice depending on which reporter or policy maker he is talking to.

Finally as a scientist I want to remind people of something. A nuclear weapon is just a great big bomb. Kilotons is an equivalent mass of TNT. If you put a huge pile of TNT in place and set it off you get the same effect minus the radio activity. LOTS of work has gone on to increase the effciency of chemical weapons. The MOAB (Mother of all bombs see wikipedia) was a conventional non nuclear weapon with roughtly the same yield as one of the two weapons used on Japan in WWII. So why bother with the radioactive fall out. Just use REALLY big conventional stuff….

I may not be a huge fan of the current president but on this policy I have to say that I agree with what he is doing but I wouldn’t have advertised it to our enemies.


Health Care Law and Racism? Tanning Salons?

Ok I have been looking at this health care package since the start.

The news media, lawyers, and some others are just nuts. There is a discussion going on about the health package being racist. I may not agree with this bill, now law but I wouldn’t say racist.

They are trying to argue that because there is a 10% tax on tanning services that the law is inherently racist. There is now going to be a lawsuit.

The argument is just because the majority of customers for tanning services are caucasian women. Usually college age. They are saying due to the tax singling in on one ethnic group its racist. Argh.

Is it just me or is this lawsuit just crazy and a way for people to get their name in the news.

Train Bombings in Moscow – News Media

I saw the news this morning, along with lots of other people of the tragedy in Moscow.

Suicide bombers indiscriminately taking out people.  They aren’t targeting soldier’s or politicians just people on their way to work.  I then flip through 3 news sources.  One denouncing the bombers as terrorists (which targeting innocent, non-combatants makes them in my opinion).  The other two were saying how these people were motivated and their frustration led to this so someone should have known.

Someone should have known. 

Folks, if anyone walks into a subway station and just wants to kill as many people as they can along with themselves that is just insane.  It isn’t the fault of anyone other than the person with the suicide bomb.  There is no excuse, there is no ‘well the government caused this’.  If the government caused it and these people feel they have a cause then attack the government, declare war, and go head to head with the army.  Don’t kill people on their way to work at the accounting firm, don’t kill people on their way to work at the bakery.  These people are insane cowards, there is no way I have found to look at a suicide bomber differently.  I have tried to look at it differently and I just can’t.

Insane Cowards…..

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