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Perspective on the world today from a World War II Era Woman

I was in downtown Boston over the weekend and had the chance to talk with a very long time resident.

When I say long time I really mean it in this case. She moved to Boston at age 20 during World War II!!

I asked her a lot of questions obviously but one of her answers sticks in my head. I asked her what she thought of the world today versus other periods in her life. Her answer was interesting and frightening: “It is far more dangerous.”

I of course had the immediate follow up of why do you think that…

Her answer was long so I am going to paraphrase but this is close….

Today we have North Korea, Iran and to a lessor extent China all being openly aggressive or in the case of China diplomatically aggressive. Her other concern was it took years for people like Hitler to come to power. In the modern day it can happen in months. From Junior Senator to President. (She nor I am saying President Obama is Hitler it is merely an example of rapid rise to power).

Now here is the other concern she had. Weapons and day to day tools are far more dangerous than they ever have been before. Airplanes flown into buildings can kill on the order of the same number of people as an organized attack by a large part of the Japanese Navy did at Pearl Harbor.

Here is her final concern: Celebrity Politicians have gotten worse. She cited John Kerry (to a lessor extent unless you are here in Boston), Hillary, Palin. Many to all of which are more concerned with their ‘brand’ so they can sell the next book than they are with world peace. She was very big on world peace and her dream that one day armies were unneeded (I’m sure all military members hope that day comes until then they proudly serve).

I have to say this was the most intersting and frightening random conversation I have had in a very long time.


Train Bombings in Moscow – News Media

I saw the news this morning, along with lots of other people of the tragedy in Moscow.

Suicide bombers indiscriminately taking out people.  They aren’t targeting soldier’s or politicians just people on their way to work.  I then flip through 3 news sources.  One denouncing the bombers as terrorists (which targeting innocent, non-combatants makes them in my opinion).  The other two were saying how these people were motivated and their frustration led to this so someone should have known.

Someone should have known. 

Folks, if anyone walks into a subway station and just wants to kill as many people as they can along with themselves that is just insane.  It isn’t the fault of anyone other than the person with the suicide bomb.  There is no excuse, there is no ‘well the government caused this’.  If the government caused it and these people feel they have a cause then attack the government, declare war, and go head to head with the army.  Don’t kill people on their way to work at the accounting firm, don’t kill people on their way to work at the bakery.  These people are insane cowards, there is no way I have found to look at a suicide bomber differently.  I have tried to look at it differently and I just can’t.

Insane Cowards…..

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Terrorist Trials

I have to sound out on this.  My country, my President (who my state voted for but I didn’t) wants to give terrorists lawyers and put them on trial.  I am going to venture a guess and say that he knows someone at the law firm who gets to do the defense on tax payer dollars to the tunes of hundreds of millions on defense fees.  I’m not saying I know that but its a prediction if you want to call it that.

Here is my problem.  We had them prisoner for a reason, most of these guys are bad guys.  I’m not saying throwing them in jail without trial forever is what we should do.  Military tribunals are ok with me.  Show trials in the US are not.  In my humble opinion what we should have done in order to make this whole problem easy is when we were in battle with them either not take them prisoner and just keep shooting back or give them to the Hague?  Perhaps just hand them over to Israel and let them do it?  I don’t have a clue what the right answer here is but given them a trial I know is the WRONG thing to do.  Has a spark of hackism…