Entourage, Season 1 Show 1 – “Entourage”

In any post I have with this kind of thing I am going to work diligently to not just be a blow by blow of the episode. I have done that in the past and I find those as boring to read as everyone else. So this is a new approach.

I am a television and movie junkie. Just ask anyone. So I have seen samplings of most stuff. I find many thing predictable.

I do however, find Entourage a new show to me, even though it has been around a while apparently refreshing.

Season 1 Show 1 is always just character introduction. This episode not only does that but it also entertains. You can see the clear potential for this series from the start.

What I find utterly refreshing is that this show makes no apologies about what it is. A show for guys about guys. It is clearly unapologetically not geared for women. I applaud them for this.

Another thing I find is that there is a character, Ari, who is geared to what goes through all of our heads at one point in time or another. When this guy is confronted with the knee jerk reaction that most people keep to themselves he says it out loud. I love this character. Its fantastic. He is brash, brazen, a jerk, rude, and dear lord says stuff out loud to people I really wish I could do in my day to day life and career. The man lives the fantasy we all have.

If you want to see what I mean watch that episode it is apparent from the moment he walks in frame.

DaScienceGuy – I will be watching more…..


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