The West Wing Season 1 Episode 6 – Mr. Willis of Ohio

I liked this Episode. It showed the back door dealings that goes on during the budget process.

The one thing I think is interesting here is that they show the amendments to get one thing you want on a bill that has nothing to do with the bill in question. Its a crap way to do things but that is politics.

I think two things should happen in the government at this level. There should be a highly restrictive amendment process. It should be a congressional rule.

There should also be a way to say that the government can’t spend more every year. I know in times of crisis you need to debt spend. I know that. But everything isn’t a crisis.

I am a firm believer in Pay-Go. If you increase spending one place…Cut it someplace else. I do it at home!

The other interesting bit to this episode to me was political families. It demonstrated one worry a real parent would have if they were in politics. That is what happens to their kids. If someone were to come after my kid I know I would be pissed. Now also I would think that if I were in daily life like this in the public eye it would be dangerous to my kids. I would want secret service agents that were 7 foot tall and 3 foot wide around my kids…

But that’s just me.



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