The West Wing Season 1 Episode 2 – Post Hoc Ergo Proctor Hoc

Again I like the show. Thankfully they kept most of the politics out of this episode. Its more about how to cope with having a very demanding job and a life at the same time.

It is also about how people in power above you and sometimes frustrate you because they may do something wrong…Know its wrong…but do it anyway. Sadly I have at work many times heard from people above me…yeah there are better ways to do this but that just isn’t us. So we’r going to go with this method which costs more or takes longer or whatever….But they do it because that’s the way it is.

I find myself wondering why that is? Why do people when presented with a good and bad choice sometimes intentionally pick one that while it may make them feel good makes someone else’s life VERY VERY difficult. When they could have just done the right thing sucked it up and made life easier on everyone while they themselves may not have had that warm fuzzy all over.

If you want the episode I’m talking about the Vice President’s behavior. He let’s his ambition get in the way of doing what he should to help the team. I look at it this way. If I were vice President of the United States…Well that’s a pretty accomplished position. That’s a great place to get to in your career. Why be pissed off about it? I don’t get it.

But then I’m not a self loving politician who thinks the world revolves around me so maybe I’m not meant to understand.



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