The West Wing – Pilot Episode

I have been looking at many things in life and feeling a bit naustalgic (I hope I spelled that right) lately. So I pulled out some DVDs of The West Wing television show. Not agreeing much with the politics of the show but thinking it was really well done I always enjoyed it.

Now I really remember why this was something I used to race home from work to see. The Pilot is perhaps one of the best pilots I have ever come across. Ok its all character introduction and that sometimes gets in the way of a good story but it shows something about our political process that everyone should know.

During the episode someone from one end of the political spectrum insulted someone from the other end (imagine that). They all got together to hash out their differences and the side which had been insulted asked point blank ‘what do we get’. It is as if everyone involved in politics is willing to take the insult if it makes you bend to their poliitical desires. Is that what we have really come to. Sit around and ‘bait’ the other guy until he takes it then just say…ok buddy now you have to give me xyz or I’ll make you look worse on television.

Sadly I like the show. Love that episode but that little bit caught me as something that probably happens every single day in Washington DC. I just wish our politicians would sit down, logically go through as many ideas as they could, select the best and move on. Not wait for the insult then go all the way one direction or the other (as I am sure both political extremes do this).



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