Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope – How does it hold up

I must say I am a movie addict. Merely ask my wife I love them. They are a great escape. New movies, old movies, in some cases bad movies it doesn’t matter. I will give many or almost any of them a shot.

I rewatched the original Star Wars this morning. I remember seeing it as a kid and I have to say a couple of things.

It was rated PG for violence but I think cartoons are now worse than this thing. I think if it were filmed today it would come VERY close to a G rating. Which is fine that doesn’t change my opinion of the movie.

I have to say although the effects are cheesy, I think the movie holds up. It doesn’t do effects for effects sake. I presents a used Universe not a nice pristine one which I like. Used in the sense of not all the ships are shiny and new, which is something sci fi movies tend to do.

Yes I know the story line was lifted from other older movies of a far different type but I have to say. This thing holds up. Its still entertaining. I still get wrapped up in it. I don’t hold it to be the best movie ever but I do hold it to be one that I look forward to watching again someday. Hopefully sooner or later with my son and I can only hope he finds it as captivating as I have.


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