Massacre in Mattapan Mass

I have been listening to the news about the multiple murder in Mattapan Mass. Who knows how this is going to turn out but we can all agree that the most tragic part is the dead 2 year old boy.

Here is the part to me that says something about us societally. Obviously multiple gun shots. Just look at the number of dead people. NO ONE CALLED THE COPS.

The police were alerted by a device called Shot Spotter. If it weren’t for the technology how long might it have been before the police knew something happened? Dawn?

This to me says more about the neighborhood and what some areas think about society; law and order than others do. People say these crime riddled neighborhoods need more resources than do the so called ‘rich’ areas. But I will be you that people in Andover that heard a single gun shot would have called the cops right away.

It is truely a tragedy that this young child was killed. But I think the larger tragedy is what happened afterwards with no one calling for first responders.

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  1. Posted by SDN on October 1, 2010 at 11:05 am

    Here in TX, in the so-called rich areas, not only would the cops have been called, but a number of armed citizens would have headed for “the sound of the guns”. Of course, TX has a legal structure that allows deadly force in defense of others and also prevents relatives of dead goblins from legal shootings suing the defender.


  2. Posted by SDN on October 1, 2010 at 11:07 am

    PS: I found your blog through DaTechGuy.


  3. […] in local stuff, opinion/news Tags: black americans, murder, race baiting 0 …and finds the neighborhood wanting: Here is the part to me that says something about us societally. Obviously multiple gun shots. Just […]


  4. Please cite where you learned that no one called the police. I’m not finding that information anywhere.

    Plus, the shot spotter is instant. It would react before it was even physically (or mentally) possible to call the police.


    • I heard that while listening to the Michelle McPhee show on 96.9FM. She has been a crime reporter for a long time and usually when stating facts has them solid. I haven’t seen her miss one too often.

      While it is true that shot spotter is instant and you couldn’t call the police that fast the fact (as stated anyway) was that no one physically dialed 911. Shot spotter while a good alarm system does have some false alarm issues. It sometimes calls things gunshots that weren’t. At least that was the review of the hardware I found on the company that sells it’s website. I’m not certain if the police instantly respond to it without some secondary effect. I’m sure they investigate every shot spotter alarm the question is how ‘instantly’. I admit I don’t know the answer to that.


      • Wow. Michelle McPhee, seriously? You trust her as a reliable source?

        That’s… unfortunate. I imagine she didn’t actually quote a source, either, right?

      • Well she isn’t often wrong that I have seen. She quoted a source of hers inside the police force but didn’t give a name.

        True her show is mostly opinion but she isn’t known from what I have seen for just flat out making up things that are from a crime scene.

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