The Big Bang Theory Season 1 Episode 7 – The Dumpling Paradox


Ok now here Sheldon, in his never ending quest to be able to interface with people, has issues ordering in a restaurant because Howard disappears with a girl.

Penny comes over to hide at the guys apartment here at the start of the episode. Mainly to vent about a friend staying with her from back home in Nebraska. The offense the girl was guilty of you ask? Well being a total slut. It Hoard of course disappears immediately with the friend. Have to love his never say die always on the prowl attitude.

Now Penny while still trying to hide decides to join the guys for ‘Halo night’. Much to the dismay of Sheldon who doesn’t think she could grasp the game. Well he is much smarter and it took him a while so of course she will take a while right? Ha…She blows him apart over and over. Kinda funny. The lesson for nerds: Never underestimate a non-nerd. They can sneak up on you and drop a plasma grenade thereby setting you on fire.

Wallowitz Belt Buckle: Lightning bolt. his belt buckles are cool…But I couldn’t pull them off.

All in all a good episode but not one of the classics….DaScienceGuy…Out


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