The Big Bang Theory Season 1 Episode 5 – The Hamburger Postulate


Apparently this episode garners its title from the uber organized theorist who has a ‘regular Tuesday Hamburger’ that gets switched to a different restaurant.

The episode has many interesting twists.

At one point in a past episode Leonard had asked out a female scientist who he had some things in common with. She decided for various reasons (after some scientific analysis at the viability of the relationship) to say no. Here she happens to end up using Leonard for sex. Now I don’t know if this happens but let’s just say that there are enough male and female scientists that statistically someplace at sometime its highly likely.

Now Sheldon our constantly confused by the ‘human condition’ theorist has issues with the sex noises. He didn’t get that its not ok to call the roomies cell phone in the middle of……stuff… say..Oh I know you are in there and message received. I’ll leave you alone. My only question is why did the roomie alone with a woman stop to answer the phone? Maybe its just me but let voicemail get it…

Now interestingly in the middle of the night the female scientist fixed an equation on Sheldon’s white board. Sheldon threw a fit because he thinks of her as a lessor scientist. Now I haven’t ever seen anyone get upset when someone fixes and equation but I have seen people say…no no no that isn’t right it can be done better. We call it the not invented here syndrome at work.

Interestingly Leonard spends an enormous amount of time in this episode over-analyzing every conversation he has had with Penny. He is trying to figure out what she means but every little nuance. I have to say I have done this sort of thing. Just ask anyone I know..GUILTY!!!! A very science guy kind of thing to do.

Finally…The Wallowitz beltbuckle. The Superman chest emblem…Nice copy of it also…Where do they find these things.


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