The Big Bang Theory Season 1 Episode 4 – The Luminous Fish Effect


Ok. I know putting spoiler alert on old television shows is odd but I want to not see a complaint. Scientists are pesky like that.

This episode is interesting, in fact this entire series is interesting, to me because it so closely parallels things I see in my career amongst colleagues and occasionally may be guilty of myself to one degree or another.

Sheldon (our favorite theorist) is having an issue with a new department chair. He doesn’t think the guy is a legitimate scientist because he does ‘popular’ work rather than heady academic stuff.

As a scientist I have to say we do a pretty poor job of letting people understand why we are necessary. Sure we need the theorists who do oddball stuff but we also need the popularists so that people understand why we are needed in society and economically.

After an interesting confrontation Sheldon gets fired. Later in the episode explains he isn’t unemployed he’s on sabbatical. I have heard people say this!!! Its just hilarious to me that people being unemployed say things like that but they sure do….

At one point Sheldon’s friends call his mother to kick him in the butt and make him go back to work. Something that probably works on every scientist/engineer I know…Well most anyway.

In fact word of wisdom from Sheldon’s mom that I think I need to remember: “Its ok to be smarter than everybody else but you can’t go around pointing it out!”

Why you may ask?

“Because they don’t like it”

Wallowitz Beltbuckle alert – Two very white stripes top and bottom with a chrome strip. Kinda flashy but he was dressed up 😉



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