The Big Bang Theory Season 1 Episode 3 – The Fuzzyboots Corollary


I was watching this one and again the writers have nailed scientist behavior outside work and made it funny.

It opens with the geeks all sitting around playing an online massive multiplayer game. This happens folks. Yes we meet on line and beat up our friends. Its odd to most people but we have a blast with it. My wife doesn’t get that…Although I haven’t played in a long time it was fun when I did.

Leonard was upset by not getting his chance to date Penny. So he of course spent it show (part of it) depressed. He was going to solve his problem by getting a cat. His three chosen names were Einstein, Newton and Sgt. Fuzzyboots. I probably would have gone with Newton. But this again is scientists behavior. I know a faculty member whose career choice is dark matter detection. His cat’s name…Dark Matter…Its a black cat.

Leonard then gets his chance to go out with Penny. He is of course doing it under the guise of ‘hanging out’. But he ends up so nervous he has a panic attack. Now I have never had a panic attack but I was AMAZINGLY nervous early on in the relationship with my wife every time I knew I was going to see her. Just ask her…

They also spent part of the night at dinner having issues communicating. Again ask the wife (who is an engineer) and we have issues with it ALL the time. Not a huge leap but again these writers made it funny…..Gotta love it..

I love this show. Its scientists life on the screen. But funnier than in person…

Wallowitz beltbuckle sighting – He has one on that was a superman emblem then later changed but I couldn’t get a good look at the second one.


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