The Big Bang Theory Season 1 Episode 2 – The Big Bran Hypothesis

Spoiler Alert

I am gathering from the title Sheldon’s digestive system will be a running gag on the show.

First this episode is a seemingly simple request to a physicist (I am one and we screw up simple stuff ALL the time)…The request was to watch the neighbors apartment. When the delivery guy gets there sign for the furniture and put it in the apartment. First watching scientists take an IKEA delivery up stairs…funny stuff…

An interesting tidbit of the show was the scientist characters dissecting the scientific inaccuracies of a scene in a Superman movie. I myself have had conversations like this with my co-workers. Ok not about superman but about any host of other science fiction and drama movies, ranging from James Bond to 2012. Let me tell you this scene is not an exaggeration they may have just wandered around a lab and written down stuff that went on between any two random guys on a break…

I have noticed that the theorist on the show has real trouble when things are disorganized. I have noticed throughout my career that typically (there are exceptions though) that theorists offices are SPOTLESS. Nothing out of place. Experimentalists like a bit of chaos (I fall in this category). There are exceptions…Einstein for instance had a really messy office.

Throughout this episode you get to see just how little the theorist (Sheldon) understands people. Let me tell you folks…This character is a stretch for a theoretical physicist to understand people that little…But it ain’t a big stretch 😉

Wallowitz Belt-buckle: Original Nintendo Controller.

More fun later!!!


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