Hard to admit Cosmo made me think about teaching kids

Ok I hate to admit this but I was flipping through a copy of a magazine my wife had. An older copy of Cosmo. There was an article that made me think.

The premise of the aritlce was what does television teach our kids. Specifically with reference to reality television shows such as ‘Real wives of ____’ and ‘The Bachelor’.

Not ever having seen an episode of Real Wives of whatever for fear of losing brain cells I have to admit I have seen an episode or two of The Bachelor a few seasons back.

The basic thing we are teaching our kids is when you think you are ready to get married magically you get a ‘menu’ of women (or men) to order from. What kind of lesson is this?

I suspect it isn’t a good one. I think kids will continue to lose contact with the way the world should work. I hope that somewhere we start to get back to the core values which allow a country to flourish…


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