My obsession with the artistic world

I have been on this Earth of 38 years. As a scientist I have to say that having a well balanced set of interests helps with the scientific side of life. Here is my problem today 😉

I have been obsessed on occasion with artistic people, things, and events. Now that seems to help me as a scientist because it aids in the creativity. Occasionally it gets in the way.

I have been reading a lot lately about WWII. For various reasons. Creativity and artistic things seem to have even helped in that particular conflict. Anyone who isn’t aware lookup operation Mincemeat (I won’t repeat it here).

But the point to this post is DaVinci. He felt (I believe although some historians may disagree) that if he was working as an artist it was his job to show how he saw the world. I don’t know too many people that can say he failed in being a rather accomplished artist.

So why does the science guy care about this? DaVinci studied the world in minute detail so his art would be better. He looked very scientifically at different things so he could portray them on canvas, etc more exactingly.

I post this because, well I am struggling with my own thoughts on this matter but I firmly believe that if a scientist or an engineer has no interest in the art world or the artistic world (music counts, playing not listening) then they are probably not in the top 15% with some rare exceptions.

I’m going to continue to struggle with this, and I know this post is a rambling thing but that’s ok. I’ll determine what my thoughts are and post something more coherent later. But I for one say that without balance in life you can’t be good at the one thing that is your primary profession….Obsession is just that obsession. Balance is best.

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