Nuclear Weapons and President Obama – Some minor agreement

I have been listening to talk radio rip President Obama’s policy on no nukes even to defend the US.

A couple of things talk radio can spin anything any president says to make it sound stupid so let’s just get that out there.

Next, he is the commander in chief and he gets to choose how to defend the country. Agree or disagree right now he is the guy. Plus we have seen he will flip flop when needed so let’s just assume he reserves the right to change his mind on 30 seconds notice depending on which reporter or policy maker he is talking to.

Finally as a scientist I want to remind people of something. A nuclear weapon is just a great big bomb. Kilotons is an equivalent mass of TNT. If you put a huge pile of TNT in place and set it off you get the same effect minus the radio activity. LOTS of work has gone on to increase the effciency of chemical weapons. The MOAB (Mother of all bombs see wikipedia) was a conventional non nuclear weapon with roughtly the same yield as one of the two weapons used on Japan in WWII. So why bother with the radioactive fall out. Just use REALLY big conventional stuff….

I may not be a huge fan of the current president but on this policy I have to say that I agree with what he is doing but I wouldn’t have advertised it to our enemies.



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