Sir Anthony Hopkins and Hannibal in book and movie form

I have read all of the Hannibal Lecter books by Thomas Harris. I thought some were better than others but Thomas Harris is one of the more intreguing writers stylistically speaking that I have on my shelves.

Now normally at this point the screen adaptation would be torn apart for a variety of reasons. However, I think you could not have made a better choice than Sir Anthony Hopkins. He is an amazing actor who can take on a variety of characters and make them very real. This is absolutely no exception.

Now you may ask why I’m talking about a movie that is this old and a book this age now. Well I have the DVDs on the shelf and was watching Hannibal. I know the character of Lecter was loosely based on several real life serial killers from research Thomas Harris did. That being said I believe that I couldn’t have chosen a better actor on the planet than Sir Anthony Hopkins for this character.

I must ad a tag line to this. I have been lucky enough in my life to speak to Mr. Hopkins….Not for hours for a few minutes once. He is nothing like this character in person. He is a delightful man with a variety of personal interests none of which involves eating people.


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