Train Bombings in Moscow – News Media

I saw the news this morning, along with lots of other people of the tragedy in Moscow.

Suicide bombers indiscriminately taking out people.  They aren’t targeting soldier’s or politicians just people on their way to work.  I then flip through 3 news sources.  One denouncing the bombers as terrorists (which targeting innocent, non-combatants makes them in my opinion).  The other two were saying how these people were motivated and their frustration led to this so someone should have known.

Someone should have known. 

Folks, if anyone walks into a subway station and just wants to kill as many people as they can along with themselves that is just insane.  It isn’t the fault of anyone other than the person with the suicide bomb.  There is no excuse, there is no ‘well the government caused this’.  If the government caused it and these people feel they have a cause then attack the government, declare war, and go head to head with the army.  Don’t kill people on their way to work at the accounting firm, don’t kill people on their way to work at the bakery.  These people are insane cowards, there is no way I have found to look at a suicide bomber differently.  I have tried to look at it differently and I just can’t.

Insane Cowards…..

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