Morning Joe and Education Discussion

I am watching Morning Joe this morning and they are doing a special story on Education.

They had a quick tag I somewhat agree with yet disagree with at the same time.

They are saying that lack of investment in education would crucify the future.  So we can’t cut those budgets.  While I to a point agree with this I want to point something out.

Education funding has gone up and up and up.  Scores have gone down and down and down.  Throwing money at it alone is not the answer.

Perhaps we should look at changes, real changes that may make an impact.  Let’s think about stopping some of the ‘standardized’ testing and get back to standards.  Right now the complaint is there is so much testing and retesting there is no time to teach.  For some time when students weren’t making a standard the answer was to make the standard easier.  This is when the SAT got easier and I got stupider after I graduated.

I think we need standards and a real way to measure them.  But once those standards are set….Well they are set.

I am not sure the answer is a standardized test, but I’m not convinced that is a bad idea either.  Perhaps fewer standardized tests.  Fewer regs for teachers…Merely goals.  If a teacher’s student’s aren’t making the goals set forth then that teacher needs to be replaced/reeducated etc?

I’m not sure what the answer is but throwing money at it hasn’t worked.  Perhaps put some money towards really revamping the system.  Or perhaps even just going back to the system that worked before we started to lower standards?

I’ll have to noodle on this problem a bit.


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