The elder generation versus the current; WWII vs Today

I have been thinking a lot about how America lost its way.  That at least appears to be the mantra of those who disagree with the current administration.  For this post I am going to assume the premise that they are correct.  I do think that if you look at what The United States accomplished during WWI and WWII, the era between and just after I do have to say that by comparison today we take a lot of things for granted.  So let’s just assume the talking heads are correct to a point.

What was going on prior to WWII.  The United States had just come out of an economic depression.  It annihilated the finances of families all over the country.  There were lines for FOOD.  Not WIC, not foodstamps, not even the FDIC to protect our money in case a bank fails.  Banks did fail.  Companies went under just like today.  Now people have a backstop.

The same people, in some people, curse the country say we don’t do enough.  Well wait a minute we do a lot.  We are the most giving country the world has ever seen.  Today if you lose your job you have a fall back.  You have some income.  And that’s ok.  But when is enough, well enough?  Where does it end.

The people in WWII suffered prior to that time.  People weren’t sure if they could feed their kids.  Can you imagine that?

If your bank went out of business your money was just gone.  Today it is insured.  Yet people say we don’t do enough.

Today we have a generation of people who have never suffered.  They have never done without.  They do not know what it is like to not have someone to turn to.  What we need as a country is some tough love.  We have to learn to say enough.

I for one think we are headed toward if not currently at a nanny state.  If you fail, the government backs you up.  Your company is going to go out of business and you employ a lot of people.  Well Daddy government.  You lose your job…well daddy government.  You lose your insurance……………What’s next?  What else do we have to do?  Will we only be satisfied when everyone lives in a McMansion and doesn’t have to work a day in their lives?  If that is the case how does electricity get to your house?

Where does the next car come from.

I think now that we have a huge borderline social medicine system we need to draw a line in the sand.  This is it.  Government gets no larger.  It gets no more intrusive.  I want to thank the President for showing me just how little tough love we have gotten used to in this country and just how good we have it.



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  1. Posted by Yoshi on March 24, 2010 at 1:51 pm

    Why is socialize medicine such a horrible thing when socialized education, defense, infrastructure is a good thing? How come there was no complaints about drawing a line in the sand when the defense budget soared, or when politicians want to add “1000’s” of cops on the street, or get better equipment to the fire department?

    Why is it considered perfectly fine to make sure someone has an education, which is paid for by the government, but not to make sure that same person gets medical attention? After all, is not socialized medicine simply an insurance/hedge on the investment we made paying for that person’s education? For 12/13 years the government spend lots of money to educate each citizen, don’t you want to protect that investment?


    • I disagree with lots of those socializations. My difficulty is that some of them have left, at least in recent years, people in a bad place. I can find no good argument to say that education has gotten better in the last 25 years. I can find no way to say that some of the other growing programs have been improvements. I think we need to STOP thinking about growing and START thinking about fixing. Sometimes the fix is removal of a sick program, then add one that works. When was the last time anything other than a defense program was cancelled?


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