Main Stream News Media, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Mark Levin

I have been listening to the news for years and I have to throw something out that bugs me.

Sean, Rush and Mark all seem to enjoy railing against the ‘main stream’ news media.

Let’s just assume that many of the same people listen to the various shows.  Rush claims 20Million listeners.  I found various websites showing that at one point this was true.  Currently his numbers are more like 14.5Million listeners.  Sean has a ton, Mark Levin has something like 7.5M.  So like I said let’s assume all three share the same listeners.

The population of the United States is rougly 308Million people.  This means they reach over 4% of the United States every single day.  I can’t find anywhere else in the world of broadcasting that any group of 3 guys reaches that large a percentage.  If you assume that they don’t in fact share listeners and there are different ones for the different shows that number goes up.  A lot…

So I must say…Come on guys.  Shut up.  You are the mainstream media!  Ok laced with opinion but all three of you do report the story and then give what you think about it.  So let’s stop saying the ‘dominant mainstream’ stop acting like the downtrodden.  Educate, report the news, and enjoy the success.  Perhaps if you quit playing the victim card of the evil mainstream does this and that you may hit 6%!!!



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