Fiction and Thriller Books

I have been reorganizing my personal library of non fiction things in the past few days.  I can’t help but notice that I have  a lot of thrillers.  I seem to have a tendency to lean that way.

I must say that I absolutely love science fiction when it is good.  The problem is my barrier is high for this.  If I can figure out how the ‘fictional’ science in it works I don’t care that much.  There is a problem, when you work at MIT it is challenging to not find a guy down the hall who can help you at least come up with a theory about it over a beer.

We could be wrong and it could be the beer.  But we usually come up with something.

A few sci fi that I liked regardless:

Lucifer’s Hammer

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

The Last Gasp

If you are curious you can find my personal collection (still going up) at and my user name is nanoscale2

(Yes I work and have worked in Nanotech for a number of years)



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