ACORN Disbanding? Say it is so, but I doubt it

I may be a bit skeptical but I came across a story I just don’t believe:,2933,589768,00.html

This group has been responsible or at least at the center of so much garbage that I can’t believe they would just squeak away into the night.  They are a HUGE organization employing lots and lots of people to do things for the various communities around the country.  They have a noble charter which has been scarred by many if no the majority of people who are involved there.

I have also found throughout my life that if you listen to things in the news media some percentage of what is heard is wrong.  So let’s assume that 75% of the claims about ACORN and voter fraud are wrong.  That is still a lot of fraud.

Let’s assume they didn’t help a lot of people fraudulently get mortgages through coaching them how to lie on applications.  So how many around the country were they involved with.

I think this group will come back under a new name and be up to the same old tricks.  I for one defended this country in Uniform and have devoted a chunk of my adult life to research and development aimed in protecting an ideal I believe in.  These folks in my opinion have scarred that ideal.  If I find out they come back again under a new moniker up to their old tricks….Well, I’ll be watching.  I’ll be working against them if I find them.



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