Passing of Healthcare and talking heads

In order to stay as a viable news network these days (and any day) you need ratings.  Ratings attract advertising.  The more I watch the more I’m convinced that with increased competition you have to be more dramatic, more sure of the end of the world than all the other guys.

The passing of Health Care is going to be criticized for lots of reasons and none of the ones I’m seeing are the right ones.

I have opinions on how to change the health insurance system for the better as does President Obama and Nancy Pelosi.  They are different than the people in elected office.

Here is what is ticking me off on the news.  Some news outlets are hailing the president while others are just angry.  They aren’t angry at the bill they are angry at the process.  The ‘buying off’ of various congressman and senators.

Here is the part that makes me mad.  BOTH parties do that.  It isn’t new.  The size may be different but that process is not.

So if you are mad at the bill do what the people in office did.  Run for office, donate to a PAC, take a stand and change it.

I don’t like the process either but it is what we have at the moment.  Two choices, either work within it or work to change it.  Take your pick.  But the founding fathers would not have sat around complaining.  So get up, do something, or sit down and be quiet.



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