– My personal library obsession

I have been obsessed lately with a new website.

This place lets you put all your books in their database and match other users libraries for similarities.  There are discussion groups, local groups, you can even match your library to various authors both dead and alive.

I found an interesting quote on one of the posts by an author in a discussion group.  It said that many authors are obsessive readers (there may be hope for me then in retirement or something).  When this author continued they explained that they have routinely over the years thought about quitting because the stuff they were turning out wasn’t any good.  Then they read someone else’s book.  They were then motivated to keep going because ‘wow if that piece of garbage can be published……’

I like that quote and may have to book mark it.  I certainly have some disappointing books on my shelf from across the years which I read cover to cover hoping they would improve.  Unfortunately they did not but there the book sits (pack rat that I am).


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