Health Care Protests; The arrogance of Nancy Pelosi

I think that this issue has caused a rift in America.  I think at this point that no matter which side you sit on you have an opinion at this point.

The other thing that can be side is that there is very little convincing left to do just yelling.  The protests are unlike anything I have seen in my lifetime.  There have been anti-war protests, there have been anti-abortion protests in my life.  But those have been basically right down party lines.

This one has people from one side totally against it.  There are independents overwhelmingly against it.  There are democrats against it.

Now this brings me to my point.  Our politicians give arrogance a new meaning.  I may disagree with Nancy Pelosi and her choice on this vote.  But I am willing to state my doubts about the proposed package and why I feel things could be better done in a different fashion.

  • Eliminate Waste in Medicare/Medicaid
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • More community medical centers to eliminate emergency room abuse

Those three are a starting point.  She on the other hand wants to just say vote for it because I said its good.

To enter the capital politicians (Congressman, Senators, the President) have a very non-public entrance they typically use.

Today, Nancy Pelosi, surrounded by Secret Service walks past the protesters with a huge smile on her face carrying her gavel to bring the house to session.  Is it me or does this just stink of arrogance.  She was basically saying to the protestors “HA HA I got what I wanted…Nanny nanny boo boo”

This is beyond anything I can recall.  Perhaps somewhere in the middle of the civil rights problems there could have been something close but that was FAR from the partisan set of laws as this is….


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