Military Funeral Protestors vs Federal Funding on Abortion

I was thinking about my argument against federal funding on abortion.  It caused me to think about a lunch conversation I had a ways back.

The gist of that conversation was that as a citizen in a country we can’t pick and choose what our government pays for.  That’s what our elected representatives decide.  From time to time the government picks up the tab for something everyone in the country disagrees with.

So that brings me to my abortion thoughts.  The argument the person at lunch gave me was that they disagree with some military spending but can’t stop it.

So what is the title here about.

The people who protest at military funerals, loudly, against the war on terror do so because they disagree with that government expenditure.  Does that mean I get to protest loudly outside an abortion clinic?

Of course not.  And why?

Well the woman’s right to choose.  That has been extended into the right to not be lectured, to not be made to feel bad.

So can we use that same logic and shut down these protests?  If not why not?  How can one of those protests be valid and the other not?

By my logic the choice to join the military is a very personal one, just like the choice to have an abortion is a very personal one.

I’ll stop my rant now and leave you with this thought.  I believe woman have the right to not have RANDOM protestors (the dad of the soon to be aborted child has a right to argue).  But I also believe that the families of dead soldiers have the right to grieve without these protestors.  If people can be arrested for one of these things but not the other how is that fair?  How is that just?


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