Marriage and funny moments

I am going to take a departure moment from my normal rants to give something funny, or at least thought provoking?  Ok I think its funny.

Marriage is a challenge, anyone married longer than 5 minutes past honeymoon can tell you that.  It is however, with the right partner, a very worthwhile challenge.  Throw in a child and the challenges are different but very worthwhile.

That being said there are still moments of miscommunication that to me are sometimes frustrating but if you look at them from a bit back from the immediate situation are just funny.

Let me give you an example.  My wife will be the first to tell you I am stubborn, but I contend she is also and neither of us will back down.

I have some hearing loss in both ears, long story involving the army when I was on active duty, enclosed spaces, a rifle and no hearing protection.  Almost every day when I get home first my wife gets home to find me watching TV.  Immediately says, why is it so loud and turns it down below where I can really hear it.  Then proceeds to speak loudly.

Now the funny part if you look at it from afar.  If I wouldn’t be stubborn and would get hearing aids (which I probably need) this wouldn’t be a problem.  If she would understand that I can’t hear it at the volume she really likes it wouldn’t happen.

From a daily thing I think we both get a little stressed out about it but if you step back, here we are in our 30s having arguments I heard my grandparents have.  I for one think its kinda funny.  Not sure why I see the humor but I do.


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