Democratic Congressman Chet Edwards on Mark Levin

A constituent of Chet Edwards called into Mark Levin.  Apparently Chet is a democrat voting no on HealthCare.

Chet, thanks.  The caller also said that a staffer gave the impression you were doing nothing to help convince other Democrats to follow your lead on this vote.  Perhaps just having a cup of coffee with one and explaining why you are saying no may help them understand.  Is that convincing?  Or just stating your opinion.  I find that occasionally just stating your opinion with the REASONS why you are doing something helps others understand and sometimes change their opinion.

Work with us Chet.  You are a great guy who loves America and we know that.  Stand up, state your case.

I have met this congressman in the past and I would vote for him if I lived in his district.  I would also urge him to explain his case rather than just quietly vote.


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