Scientists as Fiction Writers

I am a very avid reader as my wife will attest.  Perhaps not as voracious as my father but whenever I can sneak the time that is where my head goes.  Interestingly my 4 month old son is fascinated by baby books and bookshelves.  Hmmmm, chip of the old block?

I have been a scientist for a while now and love my job.  I complain about it but I do enjoy it.

I have read a number of science fiction books in my life, ok more than a number.  However, out of those I have read several sci fi books written by reformed scientists who decided to write fiction (an inner fantasy of mine).

These books for the most part are horrifyingly deep in details.  Way to bound by the art of what we know to be possible.  Fiction is exactly that fiction, a departure from reality.  It should be based in reality sure and perhaps not that unimaginable but must be somewhat fantasy.

They also make the mistake of taking the, what I’ll call, professor angle and explaining in great detail why what they are tying on the page is possible.  Perhaps there are lessons there if I ever decide to take that plunge.

If anyone has a comment or suggestion on what I should read please leave it here I’m always looking for something good to read!



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