Mark Levin possibly the most patriotic person on the planet

I have listened to Mark Levin for a long time.  It is obvious that he has passion for the country and more importantly the Constitution of the United States.  Agree or disagree with him I don’t think you can say he hates the country.  He loves it.

He hates what is being done in the current congress but let’s face it he worked for Reagan so he isn’t exactly a democrat.  But if you listen carefully he has very few nice things to say about the republicans.

One thing I think about his show that is just fantastic, is that he will absolutely let you know what he thinks about a subject.  If you doubt that just listen, but I warn you to have your hand on the volume knob.  He will yell at news headlines, callers, or anything else that makes him upset.  I for one applaud his passion and say keep it up.  We need more passionate people that STAND BY what they believe in rather than flipping votes on the same bill back and forth based on who gave them a sweetheart deal (ala The Louisiana purchase in the healthcare bill.)


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