Congressman John W Olver and Healthcare

Representative John W Olver represents the first District of Massachusetts.  I found on Rasmussen that your district is leaning the other direction.  If your district is split 60/40 against how can you be a solid yes?  Please explain that sir.

You have a PhD from MIT on your resume.  I work with folks from that fine institution and I think they teach statistics there.  Look at what Scott Brown did in the name of this bill.  Think about your career unless you really want to retire and go home.  If that is your desire by all means go into an election with this for the other side to run ads about…



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  1. Posted by Yoshi on March 18, 2010 at 3:19 pm

    Just a thought about simply voting the way your constituents think or feel on any given day.

    I’ve said this before, but the amount of nonsense being put out against health care reform is just mind numbing.

    Case in point, I woke up on Tuesday morning and heard Dennis and Callaghan, two Boston sports talk radio hosts who happen to be rather conservative in their political views, harping on a report from the New England Journal of Medicine which stated 46.3% of Doctors surveyed would leave the profession if this health care bill passes. Later on in the day, Fox kept harping on this as well. (

    I must admit that is a stunning fact, that this bill would affect so many doctors in such a negative way.

    Well, it turns out, that poll was a bunch of nonsense. The NEJM came out and stated they did no such poll. It turns out this was a very unscientific email questionnaire sent our by an advertising magazine which is published by the same group that publishes the NEJM.

    I have yet to hear or read about retractions or apologies from these media sources about the gross mistake they made.

    No wonder why so many people seem to be against the bill as you claim.

    They are constantly pelted with crap that is just nonsense in an effort to lessen support.


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