Sean Hannity gone to far?

I have been following politics for a long time.  I think both sides are guilty the offense I am about to outline from time to time.

What I am talking about is the politics of fear.  Getting into power by scaring people past where they should be.  Like I said both Republicans and Democrats are guilty of it.

Specifically the inspiration for this blog is Sean Hannity.  I was listening to his radio show today while in the car.  It was a rerun from during the week.  I have to admit I have never before listened to his show.

He has openly said he is trying to use his show (which is theoretically entertainment) to defeat democrats and get republicans elected.  Well to each his own its a free country and I can turn the dial (which I did).

The way he is doing this is by saying that the plans of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and President Obama are out to destroy the nation, or their plans will be the end of the republic.

Being no fan of some of the policies that are being discussed in Washington DC these days I disagree with the politics of fear.  This country survived two world wars, a great depression and a civil war.  I think we can withstand some bad policies that can later be fixed.

Let’s get both sides to discuss what matters:  policy.  Not who is going to destroy what.


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  1. Posted by Yoshi on March 15, 2010 at 3:18 pm

    Yes, he has, along with so many others.

    Fear has been a valuable tool for many politicians. It is constantly used by many.

    Just go back to any campaign and I’m sure you can find it being used in some form or another by both sides. After all, negative campaigning is a form of fear mongering. They are all the same, some warning about how if so and so is elected, the scary policies and actions from their past will continue on a grander scale.


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