Runaway Prius, A scientific examination of his statement

I have been reading about the Toyota Recall since it started.  I am particularly interested as I own, like many people do, a Toyota Rav 4.  I have never had a problem with it and every time I go in for service Toyota is amazingly easy to deal with.  I just want to be up front about that.  Also this is the second time in my life I have owned a non-American made car.  I try to buy American but this car was a really good buy and serves my needs to this day.

So I have been watching the statements of this guy in the Runaway Prius.  I personally am going to have to go with the side of folks who say he is making it up.

His statement scientifically makes no sense.

He said he didn’t want to reach over to grab the shifter and put it in neutral for fear of taking his hands off the car, he also said something about it flipping if he did change gears.  If you go into neutral it will never flip.  Just slow down.

So let’s look at the other part of that statement.  He didn’t want to move his hand to the shifter.  He claimed also he reached down to the gas pedal to try to pull it up.  These two statements are rather contradictory.

He also claimed he didn’t want to take his hands off the wheel but he dialed 911?  I’m confused?

In this culture where everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame or the ability to sue their way to riches I think this guy goes in the column with Balloon Boy’s dad…


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  1. Toyota and others knew they were having issues and attempted to hide it. All Car Companies should have came forward with a full disclosures of what car were dangerous. Instead of waiting for a huge media blitz and tons of public pressure. I never seen so many car companies GM – NISSAN – TOYOTA – HYUNDAI having recalls all at the same time. I had no idea my car was affected until I looked on and found I had a bad Anti Lock control unit on my 2008 Pontiac G8 , my co workers Ford Truck had a recall also. So be careful


    • I am sure there are problems. Toyota has been pounded by them in the media and justifiably so. I just think this particular guy and this particular instance are fabricated.


  2. Posted by Yoshi on March 15, 2010 at 3:15 pm

    I think the “runaway” car excuse will be used by many people over the coming months when pulled over for speeding….


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