Lesbian Student prevented from going to prom?

On this particular topic I have to say.  Really?

This is the United States of America.  A place where constitutionally we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

If being a lesbian and going to prom with her girlfriend is what makes this young woman happy then I say let her do it.  Why cancel the prom for the entire school over the matter.  Is that really reasonable?

Personally I say that declaring to the world you are a lesbian at a high school age is kind of early but to each their own.  Being a teenager is confusing enough and making these kinds of huge decisions are probably best left to later in life, but that is just my humble opinion.

If the pursuit of happiness includes going to prom as a lesbian with your girlfriend then go.  You don’t hurt anyone, you don’t scar my eyes.  Just go.  If your pursuit harms me in some way then we have a different constitutional argument but I don’t think that really applies here.

I for one hope they get into the prom and hope they have a great time.

If the school sticks by this perhaps the kids who aren’t the one couple getting it canceled have a constitutional argument to make.  That probably fails due to prom not being required for educational purposes.  But perhaps the parents can figure out a way to host it not associated with the school?

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