Democrats or Republicans? Who is right? They are both wrong

So I was on the treadmill last night listening to one of my favorite comedians rant.  I love a good rant and Louis Black has many.

If you know his work you know he picks on politicians a lot.  I mean there is so much material to work with.  He also has gone on hilarious rants about the IRS which I share some of his views on.

He had a long joke I won’t quote but he brought up a good point.  Who in Washington is right and who is wrong?  What is the difference between the parties?

The Democrats think the federal government should be in charge.

The Republicans think the states should be in charge.

So who is right?  Well his point was both of them are wrong.  It has to be a mix.  There have to be some things that are federal and some things that are state.  That is the way our founding fathers wanted it.  I share that view.  But in my lifetime I have seen the federal government expand further and further and states, well those governments also expanded but at a much slower rate.

If you need further proof of this I work in and out of DC.  I in my career have spoken to members of Congress and the Senate.  In a previous career I even met a President, for like 2 minutes don’t get excited.  It could have been a cardboard cut out.

I noticed something when I was there.  There are a ton of lobbying groups and that is fine.  Those groups serve a purpose.  I think they have too much power but whatever it is what it is.

The thing that bothered me is that I discovered every single state now has a lobbying group.  They all do.  The purpose of which is for the state government to get the federal government to do things for them?  What?  Come on is that separate?  I think the states governments are now just paperwork places that no longer have real power but report to the fed.  If you do anything to make big daddy federal government mad they will cut your allowance.  This is bad people.  There needs to be a separation of those entities just as their are three branches of the federal government the state governments need to exist outside that world.  Just as, I think, the founding fathers wanted it.


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